By Your Fake Name


Get their attention. Introduce main ideas.  ItŐs like a movie trailer that gets you excited to read the whole report.


This paragraph is about will cars fly.  According to Yoney Domenick it can get about 460 miles of flying and driving from 20 gallons of super unleaded. That's about 23 miles per gallon from the 100 horsepower rotax 912 S, which isn't bad considering you can cruise in the air at 115 miles per hour. The company says it has over 50 customers lined up and waiting for a 2010 delivery. I think itŐs cool that cars can fly now.




This paragraph is about who invented the Ford the car.  According to Mary Bellis Henry Ford invented the car Ford. He later worked as a part time employee for the Westinghouse engine company. His first car was a carriage that he sold to make an improved model. I think itŐs cool how cars got invented


This paragraph is about when Henry Ford was born.  According to Mary Bellis Henry ford was born July 30, 1863. His first car built was a carriage, which he sold to make an improved model. From the time he was a young boy ford enjoyed tinkering with machines.  He was born along time ago (1863).


This paragraph is about how much Fords first car costs.  According to Mary Bellis the model T for 950 dollars. In the model T's nineteen years of production, its price went down to 280 dollars. Nearly 15,500,000 were sold in the United States alone. ThatŐs a lot that were sold.


This paragraph is about how much ford sold in nineteen years.  According to Mary Bellis almost 15,000,000 were sold in the united state alone so maybe even more because it's only in United States. That means that more than 15,000,000 were sold! The model T is the car I'm talking about. Holy cow thatŐs a lot 15,000,000!


This paragraph is about when Henry Ford died.  According to Mary Bellis In April 7, 1947, Ford died. Ford sponsored the restoration of an idyllic rural town called Greenfield Village. In the years prior to his death on April 7, 1947, Ford died. He lived over 80 years.


What it is or Does

This paragraph is about what a concept car is.  According to the auto editors of consumer guide concept cars are a thing you put in showrooms and into the world of cars that never were. Most concept cars are one of a kind jewels built to brighten a carmaker's auto show display with big fins and bubble tops, concept cars can be pure flights of fancy like 1956 Packard predictor. They can also be disguised versions of near future production models like the Oldsmobile Aerotech III. Those cars are cool and fancy.



Give Credit.