The Land of BIONICS

By The Green Eyed Witch


If you want to learn about bionics, just follow the yellow brick road, which leads you to the land of bionics. You will learn about bionics so fast that you wonÕt even believe it! Its like you take one step and you are already learning a bunch from this great, fabulous, exiting report of awesome bionics! First you will learn about how it works, then you will learn about the amazing history of bionics. Last you will learn what it is and does.

How it Works

           This paragraph is about how the bionic eye works.  According to, There is a bionic eye that sends signals to your tongue.  Instead of you being able to see it, you can taste it. How awesome is that? I think that the author was really trying to get attention by writing a good article that has lots of information!


This paragraph is about how they made it. According to the bionics where mad in 1953. The bionics is by a person named, Jack. E. steele, one of the workers at a place called Aeronautics Devion House at WrightPatterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. I think thatÕs pretty cool, donÕt you?


This paragraph is about who thought of it. According to Josh Fishmeal a company called The U.S. Department of defense invented the GPS.  Maybe I should go there some day? I think that would be very very very very very very very cool!!!!!!!


This paragraph is about who wanted it. According to people who wanted more than just wanted the bionics to be made. ThatÕs  a lot of people!


How has the bionic ear improve over time? According to someone received a bionic ear and as a result her life has improved dramatically. That is so cool! It is amazing what the bionic ear can do. It helps people that can not hear, (it can help them hear so they wonÕt be deaf anymore).


This paragraph is about when it was invented. According to the bionics where made on 19-Jul-07. That was only a little while ago. That was only 7 years after I was born. I think the bionics are cool because they help other people with disabilities.


What it Is and Does

This paragraph is about the definition. According to bionics is the study of "what living things can do" for the purpose of inventing devices that copy or imitate these functions. So, for example, a human is a living thing that can walk. If a human loses his or her leg, then bionics is the study of how to invent a leg that will work just like the human leg before it was lost. If ÒyouÓ lose a arm or leg, maybe you should get  some bionics.


This paragraph is about what it has invented. According to, what the bionics have invented is medical devices developed through bionics. I think that is really cool because itÕs like my little, goofy sister helping me make something that is really, super awesome.



Review main ideas. Follow up on attention-getter.  ItÕs like your Intro, but itÕs more of a review.







January 6, 2011

This article is about bionics.  It tells about what it is, what it invented, and other bionic stuff that's not medical. It had some videos.  It has other links.



 Josh Fischman


January 7, 2011

The robot arm! Several kids cried.  You remember huh. Make it do something silly!" one girl says. Silly? Remember how I can shake your hand?" Kitts says, extending her arm and rotating her wrist. A boy reaches out, hesitantly, to touch her fingers. What he brushes against is flesh-colored plastic, fingers curved slightly inward. Underneath are three motors, a metal frame, and a network of sophisticated electronics. The assembly is topped by a white plastic cup midway up Kitts's biceps, encircling a stump that is almost all that remains from the arm she lost in a car accident in 2006. This is a paragraph about a women how lost her arm and she is a teacher and she's teaching about her bionic arm that the kids like.