ThE sPiCy InTeRnEt

By: The cat lover


Has you ever been on you tube and your mom comes in and says pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese get off the internet I need to-do some homework, and you donŐt cuz youŐre rockin out, well if you havenŐt had the experience well I have and it is UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLY so do not do that at home. My report is on Internet.  If you finish my report you will be smarter than anyone. ItŐs like you have been in a computer store learning about the Internet for a million years listening to secrets about shot cuts.  Internet is amazing, it is so cool. It will tell you about the history and what it does. Read my conclusion. I will thank you if you do so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese do. Now read my report.




According to Jordan Ridges, a single person it was invented by a group of people trying to get a goal did not invent the Internet. Now I just need to know who the group was.  ItŐs like a basketball team.  Not one person gets credit for the win.

If you want to know why the Internet was invented here you go. According to Roger Clark, The Internet was invented because a group needed to contact each other. They could not contact each other so they invented the Internet and so that means they invented e-mail which is now used almost every second of the day. It is very helpful.



         This paragraph is about when the Internet was invented.  According to The answer to when the Internet was invented is it was invented in the late 50's. The real answer to it is 1957. I know that was not very long ago but some people are still alive



This is the answer to who was the first to find the internet.  According to The question of who was the first to find the Internet? No one really discovered it cuz I think a group did. When the twin towers fell many lines were cut but data could still be found.



What It Is or Does

This paragraph is about how big the Internet is.  According to Jonathan Rigdon, the Internet is so big that it goes anywhere across our earth, and even goes into space. You could e-mail someone In China and you live in South America and it would go to the right place. You have to be careful because if you aren't it could send to the wrong place or something bad could happen if you send to the wrong place.


This paragraph is about what is the Internet used for.  According to Jordan Ridged, People use e-mail to send things to others when they donŐt want to call. It sends in half a second.  It took to long for them to try to talk to, but when they invented the internet The e-mail came with.




I love doing reports on Internet. Learning about it was very very very very fun. I hope you can learn about It in Mr.Welches class. It teaches you a lot. And That is my report.





Jonathan Strickland

How Does the Internet Work?

January 6, 2011

This article is all about how the Internet works.  It tells about all the parts of the Internet.  It has videos and pictures.



Roger Clarke

Histories of the Internet


Examines the history of the Internet, Web, Email, Usenet, and more, using an unique step-by-step approach.









Jordan Rig den

What is the Internet Used for

January 12, 2011

The internet is used for a lot of things expecially for looking up websites. (ThatŐs a lot for my mom). The internet is usedfor a lot of things again



Provo area

Why was the Internet invented?

January 11, 2011

The computer network was invented in the late 1960s so that U.S. Department of Defense researchers could share information with each other and with other researchers. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) developed the Internet; its users, who were mostly scientists and academics, saw the power of the new technology: Wires linking computer terminals in a web of networks allow people anywhere in the world to communicate with each other over the computer. Even though it was developed by the government, the Internet is not government-run. The Internet Society, comprised of volunteers, addresses usage and standards issues.











Provo Area

why was  the internet invented

January 12, 2011

 So people could e-mail people. So they can look up things when they need help. We use the Internet for a lot of things. (Especially my mom because she is going back to school and she does not know how to use it so she is learning) (It is Ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggly).



Let us find out .com

When was the internet invented

January 13, 2011

Development of internet started in 1957 when Sputnik I (the first satellite) was launched by Soviet Union. American felt threat by this and thought that the Soviet Union could also do bomb attacks from the space. So they created Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in 1958. It worked for the safety from space based missile attack. Then they made another satellite which was the first satellite of U.S.