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What sound is worse than a baby screaming for its life?  IŐll tell you: silence.  What if you canŐt hear the baby screaming because itŐs drowning?  One of the saddest things in the world is a baby drowning in an unsupervised swimming pool.  How can we stop this tragedy? Answer: read my report.  In my report, you learn the history of alarms.  You will learn what it is and does. And, finally, you will be blown away by learning how they work.  P. S. Do you know were the word clock came from?? I DO!! Read my report and you will find outÉ



Pools security alarms!?!?! .  According to Jack Krohn There trying to improve the system for swimming pools. I never knew that they had an alarm for swimming pools. I think it is safe because if a baby falls in, the alarm goes off (or something) so the parents or whoever runs out and grabs the baby.  That is way cool.


         How do motion sensing lights and burglar alarms work?  According Michael Ledray you break the alarm then it finds the amount of light and then it rings a bell. I wonder if they could find out who broke it. Then track were they live?! That would be amazing! (:


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This paragraph is about Fun Facts about the alarms.  According to Fun Facts of Alarm Clocks We need alarms for a lot of things!!!!! Especially for school and work. If we didnŐt have alarms then we would be very lost and confused. The word clock came from French its ŇclocheÓ: meaning bell. ThatŐs amazing I never knew that!!  


What It Is or Does

This paragraph is about the cost and importance of the smoke alarm.  According to wmmattler, the sales grew rapidly!! Then the price fell. The most important fire safety is the home smoke alarm!  I have a smoke alarm at my house.  It makes me feel safe and awesome.

This paragraph is about How to improve your familyŐs safety with a Driveway alarm system.  According toÉ JonSterling Family needs a lot of safety! This alarm is very awesome! It tells you when dinner arrives. If you order it, and it does a lot more than that. There are many different types of alarms that are very useful. I wish I had one of those there awesome and if you were REALLY hungry then you would be super duper happy!!! :D


How it Works

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This paragraph is how do alarms work? According to ©1998-2011 HowStuffWorks, Inc. Some alarms are very expensive but some can be cheap. The alarms in the video and very different and cool. Check out this web site to see the video. I bet that some are very expensive just like ipads!



.   Do you have an alarm? Well I do and its RAINBOW!!! How about in your swimming pool? I wish I had one in my swimming poolÉ You remember how I asked you if you knew were the word clock came from? Well you probably know now were it came from. (ThatŐs if you read my report. If not go read it.) Its very suppressing were it came from! I thought like Utah or something elseÉ











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