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By cheese balls


(RING, RING) get the phone, whatÕs a phone. Have they even been invented yet?  No, How did I know what they are called. If you want to know how I know what they where called keep reading about what is does, and how it works. 

What It Is or Does

What is a cell phone? According to Jeff Tyson, A lot of people in the United States have cell phones.  They are really cool gadgets.  You can talk to anybody from far distances.  This is interesting, but I know (donÕt ask me how) that they wonÕt work in the canyon.

I canÕt believe it really is a radio. According to Jeff Tyson, cell phones are actually a fancy radios.  ItÕs a very fancy radio.  I think that is cool because they are really radios not a phone.

There are some interesting legends about cell phones.  According to, some people say that if you want a snack get two phones and an egg.   This is obviously not true, but good for a little laugh.  If it were true, IÕll take mine hard-boiled. J

How it Works

How  do you use a cell phone?  According to Jeff Tyson, A cell phone can text and watch TV.  It can also get MP3 and Internet to it.  You can also use a calculator on it.  And you can play wicked games.  I think itÕs cool because you can you have games and Internet in the palm of your hand.

I am going to tell you the parts of a cell phone.  According to Josienita Borlongan, There are lots of parts to a cell phone.  There is Bluetooth for connecting little things like when the phone is in your pocket and your earpiece is in your ear.  There is a keypad for calling and texting.  There is a microchip made by a company called Broadcom or Qualcomm. Wow I didnÕt know that those were the parts of a cell phone.


This is how to build a hand held devise According to Josienita Borlongan, in the line they have a bunch of machinery stuff that work together and build cell phones.  To make sure the cell phone little parts are safe, the workers wear covers over their heads and clean coveralls. They keep the temperature 55 to 65 degrees F, so the chip doesn't melt.  Wow, That is cold.


Now I have told you about how it, works and what it is or does.  Now go out and buy your self an amazing cell phone.  I have one, and I love it. 




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