Awesome Alarm

By: Wild beast {horse}


Do you like your things to being safe? Then you should read my report because you will learn about awesome alarms. In this report IÕm going to tell you about when the first alarm was made.


This paragraph is about why alarms were made.  According to APX, if you don't have an alarm Dr., it's on silent you can get robbed you can lose your house. The reason we have alarms is so if you have third-party monitoring vendor to contact the appropriate authorities.  I think alarms are good because you can be safe when you are having fun with your family.  You donÕt want to get robbed while youÕre playing Wii.       


This paragraph is about when the first alarm was made.  According to APX, Edwin T. Holmes made the first burglar alarm.  Francis Robbins was a very good man for made the fire alarm.  It was in 1890. I thing that Edwin T. Holmes & Francis Robbins are the best at making the fire alarms because theyÕve made so many alarms.      

This is the best paragraph in the world.  According to, APX, the Army The last burglar alarm that was posted was Nov 3 2010 at 14:05 army time. I think that the Army is so good because they can keep intruders out if things that are important.

This awesome paragraph is who invented the electric fire alarm. According to, APX, Francis Robbins Upton first invented and patented the electric fire alarm in 1890. Though Upton was a colleague of Thomas Edison.  I think that Thomas Edison was a genius because he invented the first alarm.


This awesome paragraph is about who invented the electric fire alarm.  According to APX, Francis Robbins first invented the electric fire alarm, and that takes place in a lot of peoples every day life. I think that is cool because it helps in a lot of peopleÕs lives.

WhAt iT iS oR dOeS

These fire alarms can scare away burglars. According to APX, when the alarm is triggered, it emits a loud sound designed to frighten away intruders. I think that is cool because it can pertect my things.







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