Police Robots

By Robo dude


This is about adventures. Sweet police robotic related adventures that is. The robots donÕt look like men. They look like undercover detectives. Not really. But if you read my report youÕll find out what I mean by undercover detectives. IÕll tell you about police robotÕs History, What They are or do and some other stuff.


Why were police robots made?  According to Jonathan Strickland Police robots handle situations that police can't do without great threats to lives like hostage situations and bomb threats. Scary stuff.  IÕm glad we have police robots!

What It Is or Does

How do police robots handle bomb threats?  According to Traci Vandermark a police robot can look at the bomb and defuse it, so the officers can be safe.  The reason they use the robot is because they can die if the bomb goes off, while they're looking at it. Wow scary stuff, IÕm glad that we have police robots to take care of it. There would be a whole lot less police if we didnÕt have police robots. That would be bad because then we wouldnÕt be very safe.


What are some problems with police robots?  According to Jonathan Strickland Some Russian's have had the problem of a police robot running into some waterÉ not good. Police robots are really only used in dangerous situations, such as hostages and bomb threats, not patrolling. Patrolling is why the robot ran into water. Why make a $300,000 robot and use it for patrolling? You can patrol and be safe, unless


What can police robots do?  According to Jonathan Strickland one robot called R Bot 001 can tell simple orders. It can move around on four wheels. Someone can push a button on the robot to contact the police station when they need help. How cool!! That is so sweet no wonder they can cost $300,000.


What are a few problems police robots can cause?  According to Erin Richards they have an affect on real police work because they are quickly becoming an everyday sight for the police work. They might get so often used that some policemen might lose their jobs. Cool stuff. Imaging seeing policemen that are complete robots.



How much would a police robot cost?  According to Erin Richardson one Bomb Squad robot called The BOZ cost $300,000! Man! I wonder how much a high Tec Bomb Squad robot would cost! I wouldnÕt want to put my money into that!


Are you surprised or what? DonÕt you think these robotic me are cool?  I hope you loved my report. I loved making my report. Do you get what I mean by undercover detectives? I hope you do. Good bye and thank you.





 Traci Vandermark

Robots used in bomb Threats

January 10, 2011

Police Robots are used in bomb threats. Some robots defuse bombs and others just put them in special cases that can hold the explosion of a bomb. Police robots are not just used for bombs, they are used in other life and death situations.




Jonathan Strickland

What are some problems with police robots?

January 12, 2011

A lot of police robots are not waterproof.  Police robots are used in bomb situations and hostage situations.




Erin Richards

Police robot shines in Wisc. Standoff

January 14, 2011

The machine can climb stairs, open doors, defuse bombs and deploy its water cannon like a 12-gauge shotgun.