The carŐs house

By Cutie Pie


       I want a clean house not a messy one. I want my favorite food. I want obedient cars. Ok in this report I am going to tell you about the History, Safety Features, Technology, How they work and how they have improved.



 This is about who invented cars.  According to the dictionary most people in the United States would tell you that Henry Ford invented one of the first cars. I think if I invented a car I would want it to be safe, comfortable, and cool.


Why did they invent the cars?  According to people invented cars to carry stuff and to monitor from place to place in a shorter amount of time. I think some people are lazy because they use a car to get to their neighbors house.


Safety Features/ Technology

This is about cool car technology.  According to LLC Jatech the disappearing car door was made to make a car cool, safe, and easy to drive. I might want one of those cars someÉ day.


This paragraph is about safety features of a car.  According to Tori, Tellem the blind spot on a car you cannot see out of so if you are going to switch lanes and a car is in your way your car makes sound. And if you fall asleep it will wake you up. I would like those things on my parentŐs car so that I could be safer.


How have they improved/ how do they work?

How do cars work? According to How Stuff Works a car contains dozens of different technologies. Everything from the engine to the tires is its own special universe of design and engineering. I think that is awesome!!


This is about how they have improved. According to Zach Jacobs when the first car was invented and hit the road, it was a much simpler car then what we have today. The roads that they drove on were very rough and it caused a very uncomfortable ride, because of that experience, improvements to the car began almost immediately. I am so glad they made improvements on the cars.



I really hope you learned something that you like or something interesting about the wonderful cars. I learned a ton about the amazingly awesome CARS!!






Jatech LLC

Disappearing car door

January 7, 2011

This Websites tells you about safe automatic car doors. When you stop your car it opens the doors.  When everyone is out and you walk away it closes.  Then you have a button when you want to get in it opens when you start the car it closes.



Jacobs, Zach


January 11,2011

The old cars were simpler than the new cars. When the first one drove it was uncomfortable to the people because of the roads. They started making improvements immedietly.

Tellem, Tori

Top 10 High-Tech Car Safety Technologies

January 12, 2011

It tells you about some safety features of a car like the brakes.