Alarms, alarms, and more alarms!!!

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Do you think that an alarm clock could fly? Well read my report and find out. Also are you ever worried someone might break into your house, car, or office? Well you wouldnÕt have to worry if you had alarm systems! An alarm would protect what ever you needed it to. If you want to know more about alarms read my report and find out all about them. My report talks about the history of alarms, what it is and does, and other interesting facts.


This paragraph is all about when the first car alarm came out, who invented it, and why. According to Tom Harris the first car alarm came out in 1869. Because that was when the first documented case of car theft was. A car gets broken into every 20 seconds some studies claim. I think its great he invented the car alarm to protect our cars.



This paragraph is all about when the first electrical alarm came out and who invented it. According to Answering Staff the first alarm system was invented by Edwin Holmes in 1852. Edwin Holmes lived in Boston Massachusetts. Even though Mr. Holmes invented the first alarm many companies improved it. I think it is great that he invented the first alarm. The alarm has gone a long way!


What It Is or Does

This paragraph is all about that there is different types of security alarm. According to Queensland Police there is several types of security alarms. Also there are lots of ways that they work. Depending on what kind of security you want. I think it way cool that there are different types of security alarms that do different things.







In this paragraph you will learn all about burglary alarm systems. According to Sharon L. Cohen a burglary alarm system is a system that alerts you if someone is breaking into your home, office, or car. It can sometimes alert the police station. It is really important to have. If I donÕt already have a burglary alarm system in my house. I am going to go get one.


This paragraph is all about car alarms. According to Tom Harris a car alarm is one or more sensors that are connected to a siren. The simplest alarm would be a little switch on the driverÕs door. So if someone opened the door it would be wired and sound an alarm. IÕm almost sure that my cars have alarm in them. Well at least I hope they do.



This paragraph is all about how much security alarms cost. According to Home security alarms usually cost about $25 to $40 dollars. However they can cost more because of how high tech it is. Also if you are getting it installed for you. I think that even if alarms are kind of expensive they are still a must have for your home.


This paragraph is about an alarm clock that can FLY!  According to Fun Factor When the alarm starts to go off the clock starts to fly because of a little helicopter. Instead of just reaching over and pressing a button. You have to actually catch the alarm so you really wake up! I think that is so cool. However it is probably a little bit of a pain!


This paragraph is all about how many people have smoke alarms in their house. According to National Fire Protection Association If you have a smoke alarm that cuts the risk of dying in a fire in half. According to a telephone survey in 2008 96% of homes have one or more smoke alarms. Three-quarters of American home have a working smoke alarm. A lot of people die in house fires so it is important to have a smoke alarm. I have smoke alarm in my house, and I am glad because it is really helpful!



So I think if you donÕt have an alarm for your house, car, or office you probably better go get one. Because alarms are a really important thing to have. I know I have a smoke alarm in my house, and whenever we even burn toast it goes off. So it would really help if there was a fire. Thanks for reading my report!




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