The Cell Phone

By Mr. Dumpling


HI my name is Mr. Dumpling

I am here to tell you lots of cool stuff of the cell phone. Like who invented it its history how it works and other cool stuff about it. Do you know what a pebble phone is well if you donÕt know youÕll have to read my report to find out!


Who invented the first cell phone and how big was the first cell phone? According to the first cell phone came to the market in 1984 from Motorola and weighed 2 pounds and it was selling for   $3, 995. A few years later, in 1991, the Motorola MicroTac Lite was created which cost $1,000. And it was called the brick! According to Dr. Martian Copper invented the cell phone. We are lucky that he invented the cell phone because I wouldnÕt be able to talk to my cousins.


What It Is or Does

What it can do.  According to Julia Layton the cell phone can store contact information and make tasks.  It can also watch Tom and Jerry on it.  It can also text.  And, it can play games. Cool uh.  


How it Works

How it works?  According to some cell phones actually use satellites to communicate and are really satellite phones instead of cell phones. Cool


Some features the cell phone has?  According to India's first 3D mobile phone allowing users to view 3D pictures and videos along with phone's user interface without 3D glasses. The phone is equipped with 2-mega pixel cameras, but only takes 2D. Each cell has a hexagonal shape with a tower in the center and a building that contains radio equipment.



What are some other names for the cell phone?  According to t bears noting, however, that some cell phones actually use satellites to communicate and are, therefore, really satellite phones instead of cell phones.



What is a pebble Phone?  According to a pebble phone is a phone that looks like a paperweight.  It is a disguised phone. It is small. There is a small black dot on it that can be transformed into a keypad thing.


I hope you liked my report on cell phones, and learned something new! That is the end of my report. Mr. Dumpling does it again!





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