Need some help hereÕs Bionics

By Gretel Breadstick


Have you ever cut your finger?  It hurts.  Have you ever cut your finger all the way off?  It really hurts.  Have you ever had an entire arm cut off?  This report will teach you what you can do if this ever happens to you.  In this report you will learn the definition of bionics.  Then you will read about many bionic parts.  Finally, you will be amazed at what it feels like to actually wear a bionic part.  I hope you like it.                                                                                  

Hmm. Have you learned what bionics means?

What would it be like to have a bionic body part?  According to Josh Ficshman You remember this, huh?" says Kitts, holding out her left arm. She turns her hand palm up. There is a soft whirring sound. If you weren't paying close attention, you'd miss it. She bends her elbow, accompanied by more whirring. I think this is a great example to show that young people to old ones that this is AWESOME!!!

Do you now somebody with a bionic body part?

According to Jonathan Fildes the bionic eye sight is a camera is used on the tongue to capture pictures, and a processing unit, about the size of a small handheld computer and worn on a belt, converts the visual information into electrical signals.  This is pretty surprising to some people. Some people are like gross itÕs on the tongue. I think this is cool because if never heard of it. Well thatÕs not they best definition of my a motions I think that a lot of people think that bionics is a boring technology in fact did you know that bionics saves lifeÕs and can allow people to see if you donÕt think this is cool I donÕt think your human so go back to Mars alien!!!!


So does it hurt when you move it? According to Julia Layton this is a bionic eye it can see twice as better as a real.  The scientists thought that the device would last for at least 10 years inside the eye, that is actual pretty cool if you lost your eye and want one again!!!!! This eye doesn't hurt at all when you put it in it has no pain!!! I think that the author is trying to share her opium!!


Do you wonder about how bionics came around? According to this is about an eye that there trying to make more evinced.   This is a bionic eye that came around to help people have sight. I think that the bionic eye came around and IÕm glad it did!

Can animals have bionic body parts? 

According to Josh Fischman it is cool that starfish and all that stuff about them is true but why can animals do that and we can't?  Well, the answer is kind of simple but here's the answer, THERE DIFFERENT!!!!!!  Now people out there that under stand this keep on reading!!! They are trying to make a device called the stem cell that allows people lost body parts head to toe grow a new leg, arm and maybe eye!!!!  This device will make an incredible discovery!!!!

Hi. Would you like to take a look and my bionic part?

               Does bionics have a word meaning?

According to Jonathan Fildes "bio meaning life" and "nics meaning electronic" and that forms the word bionics bionics is a cool source that helps our state. I think that itÕs a lot like if we didn't have bionics it would be like you not having a family!!


So this was how bionics was invented.

 According to Josh Fischman the kids are talking about a bionic arm that their teacher had from a bad acciendent she was in.  It was summer break the kids came back crying your robot arm is making noises!!!!!!! This is how bionics kind of got invented!







Gosh that was the hardest report over gosh that was easy no it wasnÕt what did you say oh you want to go donÕt you show me what you got!





 Josh Fischman


January 7, 2011

The robot arm! Several kids cried.  You remember huh. Make it do something silly!" one girl says. Silly? Remember how I can shake your hand?" Kitts says, extending her arm and rotating her wrist. A boy reaches out, hesitantly, to touch her fingers. What he brushes against is flesh-colored plastic, fingers curved slightly inward. Underneath are three motors, a metal frame, and a network of sophisticated electronics. The assembly is topped by a white plastic cup midway up Kitts's biceps, encircling a stump that is almost all that remains from the arm she lost in a car accident in 2006. This is a paragraph about a women how lost her arm and she is a teacher and she's teaching about her bionic arm that the kids like



National geographic

The First Bionic Eye

January 10, 2011

N 1949, Jo Ann Lewis began to lose her sight to retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative disease that destroys light-detecting cells in the eye. Today, microelectronic implants have allowed her to recapture a vestige of vision.



Jonathan Fildes

Trials for 'bionic' eye implants

January 10, 2011

What we are trying to do is take real-time images from a camera and convert them into tiny electrical pulses that would jump-start the otherwise blind eye and allow patients to see," said Professor Mark Humayun, from the University of Southern California.



Bionic Arms and Legs

January 11, 2011

SA Today has an article about how Robotic devices are helping the paralyzed. Professor Eamon Doherty and some of his graduate students at Fairleigh Dickinson University are testing robotic arms and legs for people who are paralyzed and don't have use of their own arms and legs. Using radio sensors to pick up minute radio electronic signals from nerve cells, the robotic arms and legs can move via the operator's own nervous system electronic signals. Those who were once paralyzed are now able to feed themselves, paint, and other fantastic achievements. Only simple commands can be made right now, but perhaps someday these robotic arms and legs may be made to perform like real ones and move solely on commands from the brain!



Bionic Arms Working Out


January 11, 2011

If you wanted to see bionic arms or legs in action, you used to have to look back to 1970s television shows or Star Wars movies. Now, those fantasies are moving off the screen and into real life.




The Bestial Future Of Bionic Legs

January 11, 2011

Bionic legs or mechanical prosthetic substitutes for the pedal extremities, started out so normally. Now, however, an advertisement for a futuristic soccer boot takes our imagination to a new level.



Julia Layton

How does a Ōbionic eyeĶ allow a blind person to see?

January 11, 2011

There are 2 kinds of bionic eyes.  One is for people who are partially blind.  It is a small camera inside a fake eye that sends signals to the healthy eye nerves.  The second kind of bionic eye is for people who are totally blind. This one has a small camera attached to the person's glasses.  Since the person is totally blind, it wouldn't do any good to send signals to the eye nerves.  So, instead, the camera sends signals to the persons tongue!  Yes, the tongue.  They can't actually "see" things, but they can "sense" things from the camera with their tongues.  How awesome is that?