Fun and Cool Cell phones

By: Rice Bunny


This report is on AWESOME future cell phones. Some of them are really wierd. You have to read this report because it its awesome and there is a lot of  information. When these future phones come out IÕm sure that youÕll want one of them.

AWESOME future phones

This Paragraph is about the Window Phone. According to, "Window Phone"! It was invented by Seunghan Song. If you want to input text or anything you can switch the mode by blowing on it. For a stylus you can use your finger. Lets go window phone lets go! This invention is totally awesome.


This paragraph is about the Coca cola powered phone According to, There will be a coca cola powered phone. That means that you don't need battery's electricity or fuel. Coca cola is your fuel. All you need to do is pour the coca cola into the back and it will work. The mastermind of this phone is Daizi Zheng. That is like so awesome Woot!


This paragraph is about the pebble phone.  According to, A pebble phone is a phone that looks like a paperweight.  It is a disguised phone. It is small. There is a small black dot on it that can be transformed into a keypad thing. Which is cool.



This paragraph is about The visual sound phone..  According to, This is called visual sound because it is voice to text. It helps deaf people. It is a big thing for current systems like teletypewriters. This is kind of weird so a yeah this will be a good phone for you deaf people.



Who invented the cell phone

This paragraph is about who invented the cell phone..  According to, Dr.Martin Cooper made the cell phone!  He worked for motorola and he was a general manager for the systems division. Woot!


This paragraph is about who called with the first cell phone..  According to, The first person that tried calling was Dr.martin Cooper. The first person that he called was to his rival Joel. ThatÕs an interesting fact.

Cool Phones that are already invented

This paragraph is about the palm pre  According to, It has a vivid touch screen, and more than one window can be opened at a time. It has a bright responsive display and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard for whenever you need it. It is easy for you to access you business, perso   nal contacts, and events all at the same time.



 This paragraph is about the bendable phone..  According to, A bendable cell phone is a phone that can bend so it's elastic. It came in a museum in New york city to show the people how it can be streched into different shapes.





I hope you liked my report. Like I said earlier I think you might want one of the future phones.


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