The Car MechanicÕs Office

By Queen Barb E. Doll

Your Solution to Car Care!

Are your brakes rusty? Your paint chipped and peeling? Cushions ripped? Buttons collapsed? Well, hereÕs your solution to car care. Dr. Doll is going to tell you facts that you may not even know about yourself! That may seem unreal, but Dr. Doll has spent many hours doing research about you. So while you are being repaired, just relax and open your ears. First up will be a small Taste of Cars. After that, you will learn about Modern Day Cars.

 A Taste of Cars

This paragraph is about what cars are. According to the dictionary, the word car means: a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people. What a great definition. I think that deserves a round of applause for the dictionary!


This paragraph will tell you when and who invented the car. According to Waplambla on Yahoo, Samuel Morey in Philadelphia invented the first car in 1826. Many people think that Henry Ford invented the car in 1806, yet it is not true. The process took many days, so the year it was finished was 1826. That was way before I even thought I was going to be learning about cars.  


This section will acquaint you with the history of the car.   According to, the history of the automobile begins as early as 1769l, with the creation of steam engine automobiles capable of human transport. In 18806, the first cars powered by an internal combustion engine running on fuel gas appeared and engineer, the inventor of numerous car-related technologies, is generally regarded as the inventor of the modern automobile, and received a German patent in 1886. (Samuel Morey invented the car. Karl Benz invented car-related technologies.) Sometimes I think that people just write about history just so that they can confuse me.


This passage will tell you what the oldest car company is (that is still in business). According to the Editors of Consumer Guide, The oldest car company to still be making cars is the Mercedes Benz, which was first established in 1881. You may think that the Ford Company is older, yet it is not. It was minor until the invention on Mass Production invented by Henry Ford. Zzzzzzzzzzz-huh? Oh, wasnÕt that nice! LetÕs move on, (and fast).


Modern Day Cars

This division will inform you about the fastest streetcar available. According to Cars Direct, the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest streetcar in the world, reaching up to 267 mph. it costs somewhere near $1,700,000! It was first tested in July 2010, and claimed to be the fastest streetcar in the world. I think I might die from just looking at this.


This part will notify you about the safety features of most cars. According to Zach Jacobs, some classic safety features on cars are Automatic Locking Seatbelts, Airbags, Automotive Lighting, Daytime Running Lights, Traction Control, Antilock Braking Systems, Child Safety Seat Tethers, Electronic Stability Systems, Integrated Child Booster Seats, NHTSA and IIHS Crash Tests, Crash Resistant Door Pillars, Head Restraints, Night Vision / Heads Up Display, Airbag Shut off switch, Back Up Sensing Systems, Crumple Zones, Impact Absorbing, Cruise Control Adapting, and Rearview Camera. Sometimes I think that people are too crazy about being safe. Maybe IÕd rather ride my bike, just to get hurt, so that I wonÕt feel to safe.


Here is a taste of concept cars. According to the Editors of Consumer Guide, Concept cars are cars used to give you a peek at other new cars coming out soon. According to Brian Moody, concept cars are usually some outlandish design put out by a car manufacturer to say ÕHereÕs what weÕre about, what weÕre thinking, what we might do in the future, and to generate buzz around it. Russ Clark of General Motors the concept cars are really to gage the publicÕs opinion. My opinion is that they should have a concept car fashion show!


My next paragraph is about an amazing new technology for cars.   According to Jatech LLC, for decades, car doors have always swung open, using a handle on the outside side of the car door. But not this one! It is a door of awesomeness! Instead of swinging out, it slides under the door, seeming like it is disappearing. When it opens, it allows access to the front and back seat of the sedan. To open it from the outside, you have a button on the key chain, just like a normal car. Does this only come on one car? So far, no. You can install it on any sedan. Too bad none of us are rich enough to buy one of those babies!



Your Final Results!

So, are you feeling new and refreshed? Do you know things you never even imagined? LetÕs do a car check to see if Dr. Doll missed anything on you. Brakes? Great, that was the hardest one to fix. Paint? Fine. Cushions? Good.  Greased? Hmm, that was one hardly anyone wanted. Buttons? Oh, do I see someone who didnÕt tell us to get that done? For shame. Humph. That was your fault, but we will quickly fix that. Git! We have a customer waiting, and you job is to fix it, fix-it man! Well, Dr. Doll is tired. She has worked hard for you, so now it is your turn to go out into the world and use this knowledge for the good of yourself and others.





Jatech LLC

Disappearing Car Door

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This car door is sure to catch everybodyÕs eye. It is a "cool, safe and convenient car door." When you open the door, it allows access to both the front and back seats.




There isn't one!

Monday, January 11, 2011

In this website, it claims that Samuel Morey was the first man to invent the car. Henry Ford was the first person to invent multiple productions.



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Jacobs, Zach

Cars have improved over the years.

January 11,2011

The old cars were simpler than the new cars. When the first one drove it was uncomfortable to the people because of the roads. They started making improvements immediately.



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January 12, 2011

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January 12, 2011

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