Police Robots of the new generation

By The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Have you ever wondered what Police Robots are? Have you ever even heard of them?? Police robots are computers, controlled by humans. They are not Police officers that are dressed up to walk around in parades. They are controlled by humans that have feelings, so donÕt insult them (I did, and well, it didnÕt go well). Be ready to learn, and have your brain burst because of all the information IÕm giving you. So pull your thinking caps on, and be ready for a wild ride of discovery.


Have you ever wondered when the robot was invented? IÕll tell you. According to Paul Mickle/The Trentonian at capitalcentery.com, the first working robot the world had ever seen started working at the General Motors Plant in 1961. When you wee the movies with robots, just know that they are totally wrong. At the General Motors plant the robot worked on making cars. It had a amazing grip. They didnÕt let the robot go public, though, because it was just an experiment. The "Father of Robotics" Joseph F. Engelberger thinks that the Japanese are the ones who took Robots to the next level. ThatÕs part of why Japan is now the worlds top automaker. GM's plant closed last summer after sixty years. People in Greater Trenton knew robotics was coming: as there was robot on the cover of a magazine. The robots just took over for the humans, so it helped the humans know that he was doing as they were, but easier for him, and he seldom stopped working. After many years, the robot industry grew so much they were able to sell the robot for 107 million. A robot was in a commercial once, but only that once. The Japanese also started making robots, and those sold for 7 billion. Most old robots are at museums now, so we can go see them. Robots will keep advancing, so we will soon see many in the streets, and it wonÕt be so rare. That would be cool, seeing a robot make cars. I bet that was nice, not having to go through the labors of hot metal. That would also be so cool to see Police robots so much in the future!

Did you know that two different people invented the robot in different times? According to answers.com, two kinds of robots were made in different times. In 1495, Leonardo Da Vinci was believed to be the first person to invent a robot that looks like a human, and acts with human skills. In 1954, George Devol created a huge metal arm that lifts big pieces of hot metal. It matters what kind of robot your looking for. Personally, IÕm looking for a robot that can clean my room!


Did you know robot was actually a word before they made the metal-kind?  According to Wiki.answers.com, The term robot was invented when Karel Capek coined the term in a play in 1921. The word comes for the Czech term, which means, "forced labor." Imagine if they had brains, then they would be forced to do someone elseÕs bidding, and you wouldnÕt want to, just like Ella Enchanted!


This is the definition of robot. According to dictionary.com, there are three meanings of the word robot, as a noun. 1. A machine that looks like a human and obeys commands. 2. A person that acts in a robotic way, mostly to someone elseÕs order. 3. A machine that acts mechanical and with human like skill. So, a robot is a metal monster thatÕs nice (Sometimes).


Robots have changed a lot over the years. According to ehow.com, most people think robots are made to be like humans, but that is not what robots are originally invented for. In the 1950s a guy named Joseph Iganburger thought that he could use more than computer technology to develop a machine that could do more than one task at a time. He created a company called Winimation, used to invent working robots. After a long time, they made a working robot! It had one arm and a very simple hand-gripper, and it was very obedient to its master. They have evolved into mowire robots so you can keep them in your home, hospital, museum, and others. So where is robot technology going? Well, one direction is to try to realize the original dreams of the automatons made in the 1770s. Hopefully in the next 20-25 years we will be able to have them in your home, to assist you or act as your servant. I think that it would be fun to have a robot, cause then it would probably be an amazing cook!

What It Is or Does

This paragraph is about if police robots can make arrests.  According to Swat at policeone.com, police officers used a police robot to make an arrest in a church lot. The killer was Robert Jason Biggs, thatÕs what the DPS officials say. Biggs was accused of shooting to death Marco Antonio Torres, Jr., a 20-year-old Mesa Resident, during a confrontation in the parking lot of the Central Christian Church in the 900 block of North Lindsay Road in Mesa.

 Torres and Biggs met at around 2:30 am for a confrontation over "disparaging remarks" made about Torres and his family, so police say. After Biggs murdered Torres, he took Torres's 1997 brown Chevrolet Tahoe and drove away, leaving Torres laying in the parking lot to suffer. The border patrol agent spotted the Tahoe at about 6:00 in a sentimental rest stop, with Biggs in the back sleeping, cover by a blanket. They secured the area and a DPS SWAT unit sent a robot to command Biggs to surrender, which Biggs did at around 9:30 a.m. Mesa Police came and arrested Biggs for murder. The murder of Torres was the 10th homicide of the year in mesa.  That is so sad, why would anyone be evil enough to murder someone? It was very obvious though, because he took his car and slept in it. I think that it is very cool that they sent a police robot to make him surrender, so they wouldnÕt hurt an officer.

This paragraph is about what the earliest robots could do. According to ehow.com, humans have always had the interest in automated machines. Most of the older robots in the world were made in the 1770s. A Swiss watchmaker, Jad Bross, made the automaton to advertise his wristwatch. The automaton only writes. He also invented two more automatons. One of them prayed to Ogan, the other prayed to Fruit. There are copies in a museum in Switzerland, and you can still go see them pray. What do you think that would look like, seeing a robot pray?


This paragraph is about how robots can detect motion. According to ehow.com, Robots can sense everything by a camera. It s like a T.V, made of a correction of pixels. It sees you through many different pixels. If your arm moves, they detect that because the pixels featuring your arm are moving. Robots can detect that movement through a technique called uptcowfrua. Apparently we are seen like weÕre a T.V!


This paragraph is about how robots are used in space. According to ehow.com, Nasa has been using robots for a long time. A robot goes to the moon with an astronaut, and helps build bases and other technology stuff. Nasa thinks that robots will help a lot when they go to mars. Because robots are robots, they donÕt need air or food. ThatÕs why itÕs easy to send them to the moon and in space.

How it Works

This paragraph is about how Police Robots work.  According to Jonathan Strickland at howstuffworks.com, Police Robots work by computers. Police or other people see through the robot's eyes through a computer. They control the robot, so when a robot goes into a dangerous situation, they are not putting an officer at risk of getting hurt or dying. They have multiple weapons on the robot for them to use, so it's like an awesome computer game. So, Police Robots work through computers. DonÕt you think that would be kind of boring to be the officer controlling the computer that is controlling the robot? Most of the time all you would be doing was patrolling the streets, some times you would be disposing or deactivating bombs, and all the while youÕre legs will be falling asleep, and you probably will to! But imagine deactivating bombs!


So, did you like my report? I hope you learned a lot. So now when someone asks what a police robot or a robot is, you could just answer. BAM! SHAZAM! Your smart now.






Strickland, Jonathan

How Police Robots Work

January 11, 2011

Police Robots can be used in several different ways. One of the most common is removing and throwing away bombs. Police Robots are a kind of computer. The operator on the other end controls it, and sees through its eyes. Sometimes the robot can move the bomb to detonate it, but sometimes they have to detonate it on sight. Some Police Robots have microphones and night vision, so they can investigate in the dark. Robots can save some people, and detect a lot of hazardous things. In the future we will probably be able to see Police Robots all over everywhere.





Ariz. state troopers used robot to arrest murder suspect

January 14, 2011

Robert Jason Biggs, a Mesa, Arizona resident is guilty of shooting to the death Marco Antonio Torres Jr.. He was found in Torres's truck in a sentinel rest stop. Police secured the area, and sent a police robot to order him to surrender. The death of Torres was the tenth homicide of the year in Mesa.




Jonathan Strickland


January 19, 2011





Paul Mickle/The Trentonian

1961: A peep into the automated future

January 20, 2011

The worlds first working robot worked at General Motors plant in Ewing township in 1961.





Who invented robots?


There are three kinds of robots, created in three different times, by diferent people. It matters what youÕre looking for.







There are three different meaning of robots. 1. a machine, 2. A human that obeys without complaint, of does tasks in an orderly manner, 3. A machine that acts with human skills.




A Japanese guy (itÕs a movie)

What could the earliest robot do?


The earliest robot could write, and was made for the purpose of advertising an wristwatch.




A Japanese guy (it was a video)

How do robots detect motion?


Robots detect motion through a correction of pixels, like we are a T.V.




A Japanese guy (it was a video)

How are robots used in space?


Robots in space help build stuff, including bases and broken down stuff, and they go to the moon with an astronaught.




A Japanese guy (it was a video)

How have robots change over the years?


Robots have changed over the years by being more advanced, adding more stuff, and making them smarter.