Rockets and alarms

By a robot named bill


Have you heard of a rocket the size of a small plane, or who invented the rocket, and what there testing for rocket fuel? If you havenŐt you should read my report, because you will learn about history, what it is or does, and other really cool stuff.


This paragraph is about the crew According to wikipedia. Apollo 11 was the first rocket on the moon. The crewmates are Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldine. They are cool guys because they were first on the moon.


Who invented the rocket?  According to wikipedia . Genghis Khan and Goodie Khan invented rockets. The Mongolia people had acquired the Chinese technology by fighting the northern part of china. That means we use what Chinese invented.


Who invented the burglar alarm?  According to APX. Edwin T. Holmes made the first burglar alarm.  Francis Robbins was a very good man for made the fire alarm.  It was in 1890. I think if we didnŐt have alarms we would most likely be broke.


What It Is or Does

This paragraph is about the lynx.  According to Wikipedia, The lynx is designed to carry a pilot into space. It was launched in 2010. The Lynx is the size of a small plane. According to company officials It flies several times a day making use of reusable, non-toxic engines to keep the lynx's operating costs low.  I think that is a good way to not pollute.







This paragraph is about rocket fuel.  Wikipedia NASA's Ames Research Center is testing candle wax as a new substance for rocket fuel. They have been testing it since 2001. I think thatŐs cool cause its simple to get and use



                  Why you should have a burglar alarm.  According toÉ? If you don't have an alarm dr. it's on silent you can get robbed you can lose your house. The reason we have alarms is so if you have three different companies then you can still contact the police. You better be careful.






January 6 2011

A spacecraft is a craft or machine desined for space travel. Spacecraft is used for comunications, earth observation, metorology, navegation, planetary exploration, and space tourism. 





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The purpose of a home alarm system is to alert homeowners, and sometimes police, to unauthorized entry attempts into their homes. When the alarm is triggered, it emits a loud sound designed to frighten away intruders. An optional monitoring system can be tied to your home alarm that alerts a third-party monitoring vendor to contact the appropriate authorities. The home alarm is composed of a central processing unit and remote sensors.