All about the (pause for effect) VIDEO GAMES!



This report is about the video games!!!!!!!!!


This paragraph is about when Mario was invented.  According to Brookhaven Mario was created in 1985. Since then he has become a worldwide phenomenon. ThereŐs probably not a single person who doesnŐt know Mario. He's that famous. Koji Kondo created him. I think this is cool because a Japanese guy invented him 


This paragraph is about when the first video game was made.  According to Brookhaven a section of the blueprint for the original tennis game designed in 1958 by Higginbotham.  The first video game is so old.


This paragraph is about what inspired the football video game.  According to Brookhaven John Madden, a very famous man was the inventor of madden.  He was also a very famous head coach of the Oakland Raiders.  He made it in the hall of fame. It is very interesting.


This paragraph is about who invented it.  According to THERE is not a single person that made the first video game.  I think that is cool because I never know.


How it Works

This paragraph is about how it woks.  According to Jeff Tyson the player has the controller and when they press a button the controller sends a message to the console saying that you pressed this button and then it sends a message to the TV and then the creators will do it. I like this because it is awesome.



This paragraph is about if they will make one where you control it with your mind.  According to Jeff Tyson they will they where soposto lunch it in 2008 but because of misshapes they did not get out on time I think this will be fun to play.