Good Night, Night Vision

By sir sleeps a lot


Do you know what happens when you amplify light 1,000 times? Well you get night vision. Get night vision for only $20,000 how exciting! Its called night vision you can find out who invented it, different kinds of night vision and what it is. In my what it is paragraphs, history paragraphs, how it works paragraphs and my cool conclusion.

What it is

This paragraph is about infrared according to wikipedea it draws out infrared energy. There are two types of infrared nit and swir Infrared is also known as heat radiation. It absorbs the heat to track it. Infrared light from sun only accounts 49% of the heat from earth. Things at room temperature will throw as heat. Infrared tracks heat but heat is energy and infrared can be used to see how hot objects are. It can also see in the dark. That is pretty coo because I donŐt think you can track heat or do any think that does like seeing in complete dark.





When was it invented according to wikipedia night vision was invented during world warII for the war. That is crazy because that means its been around for a very long time even longer than me!


How much did it cost according to wikipedea it cost over $20,000 there less if it was pre-owned night vision. That is a lot of money I donŐt have near that much but that fake kid kind is only 20 dollars I have that much.


What is the best night vision or thermal according to thermal works better without light. So night vision isn't as good as thermal. But night vision still works. So thermal isn't way better. ThatŐs just weird because night vision isnŐt that good in the night but its called night vision


Who uses according to wikipedea the us military uses night vision I think that is cool because that means there rich


How did they get it to see in the dark according to Answer Corporation. It amplifies the light source 1,000 times. So it looks like daytime. That is cool because its like midnight but looks like day.




How it works

Why is the color green according to answer corporation to make it the color green it amplifies the light 1,000 times the light makes the color green and yeah. That is a lot of amplifying so if that was an electric guitar than good by eardrums


Can night vision see in complete darkness according to ant master it can see in complete darkness for a few hundred feet. But with a light source you can see pretty far. Probly up to 1000 ft. now thatŐs far


How does it see through walls according to wikipedia night vision cannot see through walls. But x-ray vision can. It makes it like it is not even there. But unfortanatly it is. That is weird that there is a x-ray vision


How does thermal work according to wikipeadea the thermal camera captures the heat source. Then reflects light. On the hotter objects. That is cool because I canŐt do any of that


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So I hope you are going to buy something. I also hope you learned something today. Now you know what it is how it works and the history