Hey Stop! É Bzzzzzzz You Just got Tased

By Mini Scribbiemac


You see a police officer chasing someone on foot and then the police officer takes out a thing that looks like a gun and shoots him and the man falls down. It he dead, no, his is paralyzed, But how? If you want to know, read my report about tasers. It will tell you what it is, the history, and how it works, but only if you read my report will you learn all of that.


What It Is

This paragraph is about whether or not Tasers are known as firearms. According to bestezines.com in 1994 the ATF said tasers are not firearms. I think that that is kind of interesting because they have the same shape and size and it has ammo and a trigger like a gun.



This paragraph is about what does AFID stand for. According to bestezines.com AFID stands for Anti-felon Identification Defense System. I have never heard of AFID until now and I know what it stands for. But I donŐt know what anti-felon before now. But now I know what it means. It means it gets rid of most danger. A good device if I do say so my self.


This paragraph is about what is a taser. According to the dictionary a taser is a weapon firing barbs attached by wires to batteries, causing temporary knock- out. I think that that is really cool. I want to see someone get paralyzed by a taser and pass out.



This paragraph is who invented tasers. According to wiki.answers.com John also known as Jack Cover make the taser. I like his second name better than his first.


This paragraph is about when did tasers get invented. According to wiki.answers.com John Cover made the taser in 1974. Interesting eh!


This paragraph is about where was the first death caused by a taser. According to The Paper the first death by taser was in Portland. The man was killed by two tasers shocking him with 50,000 volts of electricity. That sounds like a very painful death.


How It Works

This paragraph is about do tasers work through clothes. According to www.ehow.com yes tasers travel through the clothes. So donŐt think that you can get away from cops just because of your clothes.


This paragraph is about how far can tasers fire.  According to bestezines.com Tasers can soot up to 15 feet unless itŐs a taser rifle or shot gun taser. I think that that is a very reasonable distance.


This paragraph is about how a taser shotgun shell works.  According to howstuffworks.com a small taser devise goes in a shotgun shell and triggers when the shell explodes. That is how you get distance on a taser.


I hope you liked my report on the taser and learning what it is, how it works and the history of it.  Lets hope that you donŐt have to get tased some day.