Really RockinŐ Robots

By Your Lady Bug


Are you having trouble feeling things? Then you are much like a robot. Continue to read my report and you will be amazed at all the things you will learn. The kind of thing you will get questions answered on is, things like what a robot is, robots history, and how a robot works. Okay, so I hope you like my report!

What It Is

This paragraph is about what are robots.  According to, the robot is a metallic machine that can do a lot of things immediately. It can be in many shapes and sizes. I think that this is cool because, a robot could be the size of my dad and possibly the shape of my cat. A robot could probably be the shape and size of my sisterŐs fish. I wonder if there is a robot that is the shape and size of me!




This paragraph is about what problem they solved. According to wiki.answerscom, they solved the problem of policemen dieing and getting blown up in dangerous jobs. This is very interesting to know that policemen where dieing or getting blown up. So they had to invent robots to solve that problem.



This paragraph is who invented the first robot. According to, Karel Capek was the person to invent the first robot. I think that this is very cool because, now I know who invented the first robot. I have wondered that for a very long time so now I know the answer.


This paragraph is about who invented the robotic hand. According to Dr. Kazuhiko Kawamura, the robotic hand was invented by Dr. Engelbuger in the 1960Ős. This is very cool because, the robotic hand is very interesting. It would be cool if I could meet Dr. Engelbuger.


This paragraph is about when robots where invented. According to, the first robot was invented  in the  year of 1921. This is interesting because 1921 was a long time ago. It is kind of scary that robots where made so long ago. The oldest robot could be 91 years old, but I have a relative that is 100 years old. 


This paragraph is about how robots have improved over time. According to, robots used to need a lot of gadgets and wires. But now they donŐt need as many gadgets and no wires.  They can now go up and down the stairs and talk and shake your hand. This is very cool because it shows that 


How it works

This paragraph is about how are robots used. According to, they are used for a lot of different things like, they can make watches, and to weld. They are also can help with medicine and incisions. Wow! I did not know that the medicine that my parents give me could be made by a robot. That is very interesting.


This paragraph is about if robots feel. According to, robots canŐt feel emotions but some are built to have senses. Some are built with cameras so that they can see. Some are also built with touch-sensitive pads that enable a robot to pick up a fragile object and have the robot not break it. Okay so robots canŐt feel but that would be cool if they could. Robots can pick


This paragraph is about how fast they can move. Give credit. Share your research (in your own words). Add your own flavor!