It is the fountain That Never Ends

By Professor Bloberta Quintin Serloip


Hey you, yeah, you, you with the shirt (I hope!). Well, anyways, have ever wondered if there is a fountain that goes all by itself. All you have to do is pour water in it, andÉPOOF! ItÕs going all by itself. If you want to learn how you should read my report. And if you donÕt want to then you should still read my report (itÕs awesome).


What it is and How it Works


This paragraph is about what is it. According to Wikipedia Herons fountain is a hydraulic machine that was obviously invented by the 1st century inventor known as Heron. It is a hydraulic machine that uses the pressure of air to run. And uses water to force air up and down and stuff. It goes basically by itself. I think that is cool because it goes alone with out any electricity.



       This paragraph is about what else it is.


It is a gravity powered fountain that is based on air pressure. It demonstrates same form factor and makes racks for storing them. It uses the same principles as a hydraulic lift. This is cool because its kind of lifting the water out of the tube into the basin.



See short but awesome. I know that you loved it IÕm a mind reader. Everyone loves me causeÕ I rock.