Do you wonder if you can have a robot arm or a robot eye? than I know how you feel how awesome it would be to have a robot arm or a robot eye well I think you can get any of those things if you go to an scientist and I think you can go get one its so cool but remember go to a robot scientist J

What a robot is

This paragraph is about what a robot is.  According to wikipidia a robot is a metal person that can help with dangerous jobs like building a house and other stuff like thatthey even help with the army like loading up guns and shooting guns so they help everybody in the world.

This paragraph is about robots. Robots  are some metal people that do dangerous jobs like building a house and other stuff like that and they clean houses and watch over kids and stuff and you can have the robot as a guard for your house to keep away bad guys. Ps would you like to chuk a bomb or hold giant bazookas or even being shot at scary huh.


Interesting Fact

This paragraph is about how many robots there are. There are 8.6 million robots in the world so there are many in the world.



This paragraph is about the Android phone. According to wikipidia a android phone is a robot and other people put legs on a android smart phone and they made it walk like any other       robot. I think this is a cool paragraph because they made a robot walk with legs.