By Awesome Face


Worlds smallest Computer








What would you do if I told you a computer could be as small as a quarter? What if I told you it could be smaller? The smallest computer in the world is smaller. It is as small as the ÒNÓ on a penny! In my report you will learn about the abnormally small computer, the history of computers, what computers are, and how they work.  So if you want to learn more about tiny computers READ MY REPORT!!!


What it is and how it works




This paragraph is about what a computer is.  According to, A computer is a device that you can program to do different things and will answer you questions. I think this is cool information because not everyone actually thinks about what a computer is and they just use it, so not very many people actually know the definition of a computer.



This paragraph is about how you charge the TabletÕs battery. According to Sony Electronics, you plug the power cord into the AC adapter. Plug the power cord into a nearby AC power wall outlet. Turn the tablet over and plug the AC adapter into the tablet device charge connector. I think this is cool because if I ever owned a Tablet, then I would already know how to charge it.







This paragraph is about the history of computers. According to Computer History Museum, every year the computers get better. A long time ago computers would fill up a whole room. Now they are smaller and faster. I think this is cool because if computers didnÕt ever get better then we would probably never learn to use one, I wouldnÕt be in this class or writing this report.


This paragraph is about why Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are enemies.  According to PBS, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are frenemies. They were both college dropouts. They are enemies in business but friends in life. I think this is cool because you usually just think of them as two separate people that have no connection, but really they have several connections.


This paragraph is about why there are so many types of computers.  According to, Computers are one of the greatest inventions made by man. Humans use them every day and the computer does most of our work. They keep getting better at a very fast speed. I think this awesome because there are so many awesome types of computers and they are all so awesome and I probably canÕt name all of them!


This paragraph is about when the word ÒcomputerÓ was first used. According to Wikipedia, The first use of the word "computer" was recorded in 1613. IsnÕt that an interesting word? I think this is really cool because computer is an interesting word and you wonder, When did they first use it?


Cool computers

This paragraph is about the smallest computer. According to Newslite, the smallest computer is one square millimeter but it is very powerful. It contains a pressure sensor, memory, a thin film battery, a solar cell and a wireless radio with antenna that can transmit data to an external reader. The inventors of this incredibly small computer say that it could someday be used to track pollution, or make any object traceable. I think this is cool because, how many computers have you seen that are that powerful and that small? IsnÕt that awesome?!


This paragraph is about how many computers are being used.  According to Gavin Robinson, even if you only have one computer, you are still contributing the  billion computers that are out there. I think this is awesome because you might wonder how many computers are being used but you wouldnÕt think that weÕve past the billion mark!