By  Hottie Mick Duck


What It Is



woman with money



This paragraph is about how much an Iphone is with a contract. According to Zachary Lutz. It costs 200 or 300 with a contract. This is cool because you could save a ton of money. About 250$.amazing.


This paragraph is about how many apps there are. According to Zachary Lutz, there can be about 12 apps per page. You can almost get as many pages as you want. ThatŐs cool because you can have over 100 apps.


This paragraph is about how the Iphone is so great. According to 4android, you can call and text but you can also download apps and play games, or go on the internet. I think this is cool because normal phones can only call or text.


Cool Stuff

This paragraph is about how you can have fun on a smartphone. According to 4android, there is an awesome app called papertoss. You basicley just flick your finger and try to get the paper in the trash.  This is cool because they have really cool games.


Final Note

I was absent when we finished these.  ThatŐs why itŐs a little short.