TASERS  (wicked grin)  Shocking?

By Fire-Breath


SHAZAM!!!!!!!!!! I did it! I, the evil criminal finally stole the some rubies and the cops are a good 15 feet behind me! I will rule the worlÉZAP! HI! My name is fire-breath and my report is about TASERS! What you have just witnessed is the evil criminal. He was taken down by TASERS and the rubies were put back in their rightful place. As you can see TASERS can shoot pretty far. In my report you will learn learn what TASERS are and how they work. You will also learn about their awesome history. The last thing you will learn is the rules about TASERS. I know, itŐs sad but everything has rules: even TASERS.







What it is and how it works


This paragraph is about whether or not a TASER is a lethal weapon.  According to bestezines.com, TASERS can actually prevent injuries to certain people. I think that is ŇshockingÓ since I thought that TASERS would increase the probability of someone being hurt or killed!


This paragraph is about TASERS and why they are not like a shooting gun. According to bestezines.com, TASERS  arenŐt like a shooting gun because it doesn't make any sound when you shoot one. I think that is cool because I never really thought about that!


This paragraph tells if a TASER is considered a fire-arm. According to bestezines.com, NO! NO! They are non-fire-arms. It was decided that they are not. That is truly fascinating because they are a gun and I have always thought they were a fire-arm!


This paragraph is about the money-back guarantee. According to bestezines.com, there is a 30 day guarantee. I think that 30 days would be perfect amount of time!




This paragraph is about whether or not TASERS are dangerous to people with pacemakers. According to www.bestezines.com, No! They say that both heart and pacemakers. I think that is really cool because I thought TASERS were dangerous to every one!


This paragraph is about how a TASER shoots electric probes. According to www.bestezines.com, it uses a compressed gas called nitrogen. I think that is cool because I didnŐt know gas could create electricity!





Rules about TASERŐS



This paragraph is about how far a TASER shoots. According to www.bestezines.com, a TASER can soot up to 15 feet ahead of them. I think that is cool because 15 feet is very far!





IŐm sorry I have to do this, but my report is overÉ  remember,

TASERS are illegal except for cops!