By Igor


Is there such thing as computer years? If so how old is the first computer? Is the first computer still running today? And most of all, WHAT IS THE FIRST COMPUTER?!?!?!?  You can find all of this in my report. I will talk to you about what the computer is, the history of the computer, and how the computer works.


What the computer is

This paragraph is about the best computer.  According to, The best computer is the Mac book air from apple. It is very thin, about 1 centimeter, very light, about 3 pounds, and it has the newest software, Thunderbolt I/O, ios X lion, etc. This is really cool because it has all of this cool software makes the Mac book air run really fast.


This paragraph is about who is the best computer company in the world. The Apple and Windows are the top two computer companies in the world. Apple is the maker of the Mac book air, Ipad and Ipad 2, Imac, and multiple PCs. Windows has made mainly PCs and computers though. But they both are really good companies.




History of the Computer

 This paragraph is about the first computer mouse made of.                                                      According to Bellis, Mary, the first test model for a computer mouse was made out of a wooden shell, and 2 metal wheels. It got the name GUI and the nickname “mouse” because of the “tail” or cord that came out of the end, and was made by Douglas Engelbar.

This paragraph is about when the first PC computer was released. According to Wikipedia, The first computer released to public was the IBM PC by IBM in August 12, 1981. Today in 2012, the Personal Computers are still running today for 31 years!


This paragraph is about the first general use for a computer. Wikipedia, the first computer, ENIAC just did the calculator job. I think that it is weird that such a REALLY BIG computer did little tiny problems.

This paragraph is about how much the first computer weighed. According to the first computer ENIAC weighted 30 short tons (27 tons), 8 feet (2.4 meters) by 3 feet by 100 feet, and took up 1800 square feet, and used 150-kilo watts of power. Think how much the electrical bills were!!


This paragraph is about the first bug. The first computer bug was a real bug… a moth. It got stuck in one of the tubes that make ENIAC operate. This is cool because I thought the first computer bug was just a bug like today. But learning this “bugged” me!

This paragraph is about how much the first computer cost. According to, ENIAC used to cost $500,000 delivered to your door. That is A LOT of money!!!


This paragraph is about how old the first computer is today. Today is (for me) Jan. 11, 2012. ENIAC was finished January 30, 1996, so in 18 more days, ENIAC has a birthday. It will be turning 66. I think this is cool because this is most likely going to be the oldest computer running. 


This paragraph is about the first computer. According to Wikipedia, the first computer was the ENIAC, it was built in 1996 and was used for math problems. I think that this is cool because it was finished 5 years before my birthday.


How the Computer works

This paragraph is about the best free software. According to Wikipedia, the best free software is from Windows software. They have made over 100 free applications (apps) and have also listed 24 sites where there are more free apps. I think this is cool because that is a lot of free apps.


This paragraph is about how you can make a computer app.  To make a computer app you can go onto and make an app. It is very easy if you use some vids on their cookbook page.

This paragraph is one of the cool wireless stuff Apple made. My favorite wireless thing is made by Apple and is called the magic track pad. You can connect it to every computer and use it wirelessly


So did you like my report? QUIZ TIME!!!

Q #1: what was the first computer?

          A: Colossus

          B: ENIAC

          C: none of the above

If you chose A or C read my report again. If you chose B, you are right!!

Q #2 how old will ENIAC be on Jan. 30 2012?

     A: 100

     B: 66

     C: 10

If you chose A or C read my report again. If you chose B, you are right!!

 Q #3 what was the first computer bug?

     A: slight technical difficulties

     B: a tube popped off the when ENIAC was running

     C: a moth

If you chose A or B read my report again. If you chose C, you are right!! I hope you like my report!!