i-Pad magic

By: Your Fake Name


Hey in this report I will teach you about i-pads and a bit of i-phone if you want to see the stars  learn about the a i-pad and other cool stuff you are in the 100%place to be so donŐt be a mean person read my report NOW!

Stuff about it



How many apps it holds . according to apple fantic.org. it depends on how big the app is and how much the pad can hold. Some can hold 12 per GB. This is really cool because its like you can hold a lot as long as it does not fill up every thing  you got.



This paragraph is about the name.

I pad was the chosen name most wemen did not argee but soon they might have. I think I pad is better then I slate.




This paragraph is about were its from. According to wiki.

it is made in asia mostly in china. But in other places to. Asia always makes everything good.



This paragraph is about wene it was introduced. It was made by Steve jobs and introduced in janury 27 2010. This is cool I wish I knew it was made.


This paragraph is about why it was made. According to yahoo answers . it was made for fun  help social networking and entertertanment. That sis cool even though I alredy knew this it is cool it does many




Cool Apps for Smartphones


This paragraph is about an app that helps you see the stars. according to I tunes preview. This app will help you view the stars. ThatŐs great to research for a since project


This paragraph is about an app that helps you play guitar . according I tunes preview to .Gibson learn master guitar app it now know all world wide guitars. If you want guitar lessons go to it now. if you need to master it.


This paragraph is about how smart phones can help save you money at the store. According to I tunes preview. Red laser  can help you save money how cool is that. What if helps you save 500$ dollars.