Cr@zy robot f@ct$!

By H@rry t@tter p@n pickle dude


Hey you if you if you like robot$ you better re@d thi$ report because you will le@rn @bout how to h@ck @ rumble robot @nd you will enjoy it and your $elf bec@u$e youŐll be so $m@rt after you re@d it, just re@d it. If you re@d it will m@ke your br@in grow a tiny bit bigger. W@it you h@ve to p@y me $100 before you re@d it!


What it is

This paragraph is about do robots have the intrenet.  According to, for humans and robots to live together in peace and harmony, we're going to have to give them their own Internet. They don't want ours.

The robot Internet, sadly, won't contain LOL cats, Fantasy Football, or videos of kittens riding rumbas, as much as they would probably really like that. But it could have something like a Fail blog.  

This paragraph is about what the robot is made for. The first known robot was used in a car manufacturing plant and was simply a machine to pick up red hot car parts and drop them into a cooling tank. That is cool because I could not build a car like that with out help.


How it works

This paragraph is how you hack a robot.É) Here's how to hack a Rumble Robot with an Arduino microcontroller so that when it senses an obstacle, it automatically turns around and heads in another direction. You can use the code provided, or write your own and see how your roving rumblebot responds. If you're not used to tinkering with robots, it's an ambitious project, but these steps (along with the videos) will walk you through it take off the head and pop out the holders on the mother board. Swich these to each that it says Pin 1.0 Left motor FORWARD

Pin 1.1 Left motor REVERSE

Pin 1.2 Right motor FORWARD

Pin 1.3 Right motor REVERSE. That is so cool because that would have token time to fuggier it out!


This paragraph is about where people make robots.



  Most robots arenŐt as clever as Moby or as exciting as the mechanical people you see in science fiction, but they're still pretty cool.they make um at factories. ThatŐs not so exiting but true.


This paragraph is about how robots can help people.

According to, robots keep on getting better and better at doing stuff like doing dangers jobs like going in to caves and they intertane use.That is so cool because then I would not have to clean my room.




This paragraph is about how much does a robot costs. Http:// It costs $25.22.that is good because that is cheap to me so I could buy my own robot.

This paragraph is about if robots go to war. Robots that kill. In the movies, this scenario is presented as a future in which things have gone terribly wrong. But, as revealed in the new Zoot Pictures documentary Remote Control War, such robots are no longer science fiction. That is so cool.


This paragraph is about do robots have souls. This is a serious question. Do you think robots could have souls? Define soul. Do we have souls? What about animals? What makes robots different from humans once we make them pretty much a copy of us? That is so cool, but I donŐt believe it.


 This paragraph is about if do robots have fillings.


 http: It's not enough just to be an intelligent robot. Even the most sophisticated robotic inventions have a long way to go before they acquire human-like emotions and understanding. Meet some of the creations made by today's robot engineers, who want to make robots less like machines and more like us. Their interactive robots may represent the future of social machines. That is cool because you donŐt reallythink about robots filling.



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