Information On Robots                    

By Marty Mick Fly


Hey, Dalyn, are you feeling this hot weather?  I wish we could stand under something.  How about that rock? No.  How about that cliff?  No.  How about that robot?  Okay.  In Japan kids donŐt stand under trees for shade on a hot day they stand under GIANT ROBOTS that can be

up to 100 FEET TALL! In this report you will learn about this... What the Robot really is like their size, how cool they are, and why theyŐre so brave. I hope you like it!

What it is

This paragraph is about why are they big. Robots can be as big as? They can be as tall as 100 feet! That is amazing to me. They are huge that is cool. In Japan kids donŐt find treeŐs to get out of the sun they stand under huge robots and they can get their picture. Japan is 25 years a head in science than the United States of America that is really cool.


This paragraph is about why are they so cool. They can be found were. They can be found in Colorado and that is far away and cool. I got thins information from This robot can to things from the Future it can take out light bulbs and very cool and functional bots uses it. Some may one day enrich our lives; others will simply make us gawk!


This paragraph is about why are they so brave. They are brave because.

They want to save lives. They do it to save people. They do it to make history. Robots can save lives they will jump off of the highest building it the world.


This paragraph is why are they so weird.


They have 4 legs. They can climb trees and they are one of the smartest

Things on earth that is cool and crazy. I think this is cool because I never knew that robots walk like animals and they climb trees that is are cool.


This paragraph is why are they awesome. This is a sneak peek at the mixed robot sculptures they can combined and they are hand made they are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays that is cool. I think that is cool because I didnŐt know that robots could be made into sculptures.




Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas.