By: Day


Do you like action? Well a 2D movie doesnÕt look like its really happening, but what if you where at the movies or at your home. Well now the action looks real! If you where washing a movie and in the movie a lets say a bomb came and all the rocks went flying, well it would pop out of the screen! So read this and learn aboutÉ Ō3D WOW!Ķ  


This paragraph is about when it was invented. According to (wikianswers), when was 3-D invented? 3d was invented way back in1890 by William Frees Green. I think the 3D technology has increased amazingly since then, really it has!

This paragraph is about why the person who made it want to make it. According to Wikianswers, Because William Frees Green was tired of 2D and he wanted to create something new that was exciting and that wasnÕt 2d. I think that was cool he invented 3D because to me do think you could make something pop out, thatÕs not on paper? Well IÕm sure that I couldnÕt!


This paragraph is about who created it. According to Gemini Geek, The man who invented 3D was in the name of (William Freeze Green, a portrait photographer and an inventor in the 1890s. I think its crazy he invented it!


This paragraph is about what the first glasses looked like. According to Ask Questions.com, They were Red and Blue. I think the technology now days is much more high tech then it was in the 1890's.

This paragraph is about what was the first 3D movie. According to For The First Time, In September 1922, the movie Power of Love was released. That was a while ago!



How it works

This paragraph is what the future is of 3d. According to Emerging Technology, when we get to the year 2020, our world 3d technology would be much more high tech.




This paragraph is about how it pops out. According How stuff works.com, In order to see things in 3D each eye must see a slightly different picture. Then the brain puts the two pictures together to form one 3D image that has depth to it. I think thatÕs cool because youÕre eyes put it together into one image.