Army, get a rocket launcher!                    

By Pigisis


Can you call some body on your iphone? Can you text somebody on your iphone? How about launch a toy rocket launcher with your iphone? You better read this report if you want to know what IÕm talkÕn about. In this report IÕll teach you about all sorts of RPG facts, like what it is and how it works.  Hope you like it.


What it is

This paragraph is about what other names are for the rocket launcher. Another name for the rpg, bazooka, the rocket propelled grenade, and the rocket launcher is the rocket propelled antie tank weapon or the high explosive anti tank, or the stovepipe. What if you had that many names!






How it works

This paragraph is about how you launch a rocket launcher with your iphone. You aim your rocket launcher at your enemies. Surprisingly you can you can do this with your iphone. You can aim it controls it and watch it go. This is all done with a toy rocket launcher. So you can do it in your office! I think you should have this app Ôcause what if youÕre in a Nerf gun war.