Do you want to know what tasers do they knock you on the floor and you have a spasm attack  

By The Ultimate Taser 


Get on the ground! BZZZZZZZZZZ. Do you know what tasers are? Well I will tell you what they are in the next paragraph they look like they have little thunder or lightning coming out of the gun they have different kinds of tasers guns. And they stun you and leave a mark.  Keep reading if you would like to learn about what tasers are, taser history, and how they work.

 What it is

This paragraph is about the technology that is used to make a taser more effective than a stun gun According to Best Enzines. It! It! Is better, and cheaper!!!!!!!!! It! It! Is a type of pulse technology it can go through 2" of clothing!!!!!! :) At least it is cheaper and does not kill someone my question


This paragraph is about is a taser like shooting a gun. According to Best Enzines. No not really it doesn't make any sound when you shoot one. Really I thought a taser was a gun


This paragraph is about is it legal to carry a taser. According to Best Enzines. YES, but you do have to pay some money. If I had a taser than I would not carry it around because I donŐt have any money


How it works

This paragraph is a taser considered a firearm. According to Best Enzines. No! No! No! They are non-firearms. Really I thought that it was considered a firearm.


 This paragraph is about is there a money back guaranty. According to Best Enzines. Yes! Yes! A 30-day guarantee. Really my toys donŐt have any moony back guaranty so that is so unfair!


This paragraph is about Is there a warranty. According to Best Enzines. Yes! Yes! There's a written guarantee! Really not even my toys have a warranty that is so unfair! The only things that have warrantees that I know of are some toys but none of my toys do!


This paragraph is about is a taser a lethal weapon. According to Best Enzines. No tasers can accually prevent injuries to certain people. I thought that every taser Can cause injures   



This paragraph is about How far does a taser shoot. According to Best Enzines. They shoot fifteen (15!!!!!!!) FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to know something I cannot jump even jump 4 feet but more people can jump 4 feet but I canŐt!






This paragraph is about who invented the taser. According to Best Enzines. He was born in New York City on April 6, 1920, and grew up in Chicago. He earned a bachelor's degree and a doctorate in nuclear physics at the University of Chicago. Really I was not born then.





So apparently you are the good guy, sorry I tased you so were is the bad guy o he probably escaped. Well did you know that I just taught you about tasers well if I did than you jump up and dance?