By  yo mamma


This is a story of smart phone a really short one sorry it will be better next time I promise Get their attention

What It Is


This paragraph is about what siri is  . One of the reasons the iPhone is so awesome is because of it's voice-command app called Siri.  When you say, "Siri," the iPhone will say, "What do you want?"  Then you can just talk to it like a regular human, like, "Where is the nearest McDonald's?"  Siri will search the Internet and give you a map to the nearest McDonald's!


This paragraph is about what’s so great about androids. The Android is awesome because it's very sensitive.  You just barely touch the screen and it flicks.  Also it has a very good display of the screen.  It looks so real.

This paragraph is about what is so great about an iphone. The iPhone has an incredible screen.  You can zoom in quickly.  It is really High Def. It has a front-facing camera. It has a gyroscope which means it knows what direction it is.



This paragraph is about what the first smartphone was called. The very first smartphone was called the IBM Simon.  This History channel said that the smartphone was invented in 1992.  The first people who saw it were at Las Vegas, Nevada.