Fantastic Robots

By Mindstorms Awesomeness



Would you like to know if robots are bigger than the human population? Would you also like to know that there are a lot of them? Would you also like to be prepared just in case? If you want to know read this. My report will tell you what robots are, the history of them, and how they work. So hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride.

What it is


This paragraph is about what jobs do robots do. According to Chavis, Jason, Robots do jobs that are dangerous or boring to humans. Like having burning hot metal molded by hand you would literally die!! IsnÕt that so cool because our population of humans will grow easily!


This paragraph is about in what way makes some robots stupid. According to Louise, Emma, some robots are more stupid than others because people donÕt program the robots to be more smart so there sometimes more dumb. IsnÕt that kind of weird because wouldnÕt you want your robot to be more smart than others?


This paragraph is about how many robots do we have now. According to Louise, Emma, we have thousands around the world. Like for instance, donÕt we use or play with toys that are robots? IsnÕt that so cool that we have so many robots because they always make life easier?





This paragraph is who invented it.  According to Wilonaskys, Karel Capek made the first robot. It was made in Japan. Why is Japan and China where everything gets made? I mean isn't Utah our state and it just makes them look so important. So quit steeling our fame china and Japan!


This paragraph is about what was the first robotÕs name.  According to WG, The first robots name was Unimate. It made dice molds for a dice making company. IsnÕt that cool because Unimate is a funny and cool word. 


This paragraph is about when was the first robot made. According to Mickle, Paul, The first working robot was made in 1961. It was designed in Japan of course like I said STOP TAKING OUR FAME AWAY CHINA AND JAPAN!!!



How it works


This paragraph is about how can robots hurt you. According to Akshaya, they will hurt you if they malfunction and go haywire. They go haywire if they are not properly controlled or properly programmed. Also it might be because of some of your parts. I think this is cool because humans canÕt go haywire so that is why I am like HA HA to robots but I still really like them.


This paragraph is about how many words can they say.  According to me they can just about say as many words as an average human can. But really it depends on who programs it. Because those are the people who make them say the certain amount of words so yah. I think this is cool because  It can say so many words even all the words but it just depends on the programmer.


This paragraph is about how do people make robots look identical to humans. According to Nova science now to make the molds of it you get a mold of them then you pour this stuff that is the right color and it turns out hoe the mold looks. And then they paint on the details. I think this is so cool because you can make them look identical.





I hope you enjoyed my report. And I also hope your hats stayed on. I also hope this told you what you needed to know. So please enjoy my other classmates website reports so goodbye.