Robots Are Awesome

By Robot Gal


Hey! If you want to know the biggest robot in the world, READ this report. Its bigger than even New York. IF you want to know more read this report. This whole report is about What it is, how they work, and the history.


What it is and how do they work


This paragraph is about what robots are. According to Joan, Robots names come from the Czech word 'robota' which means 'forced work or laborŐ. The word "Robot" means any man-made machine that can perform any wok or any other action normally preformed by humans, either auto automatically or by what all people use today remote control. This is so interesting that all robots are made to do what people are made to do.






This paragraph is about what robots are made of. According to Joan, so I guess mostly every Robot has to have three main parts. The first part is the controller or as most knows the brain. One of the others is made of Mechanical parts - motors, pistons, grippers, wheels, gears that make the robot move usually powered by air, water, or electricity. The last part is the Sensors – to tell the robot about its surroundings.
These parts working together control how the robot operates. Without the controller or "brain", motors, and sensors, robots would not be able to function. That is what a robot is made of. This is cool because they have brains just like us.





This paragraph is about how swiftly robots move. According to Science kids, a robot can move almost exactly like a human. It can even get up from all awkward positions. It can also walk, crouch, and get off the floor as swiftly and smoothly as a human. They can walk by humans in a long range. They are said to be the strongest and most agile of humanoid. I canŐt belive robots can move as swiftly as humans.


This paragraph is about how robots work. According to Harris, Tom, Robots are some things like the same as computers, but not all the same. Some of them work like cars and computers. Some people can mistake a robot for a person, because of how they act and look. Some Robots are as fast as cars because of how they are built. This is cool because lots of people everyone thinks all robot are exactly like computers, but they can be completely different. So its pretty cool I found out that they were wrong.



This paragraph is about the limitation of robots. According to Joan, So in movies Robots can do super things, but in real life they have to be remote controlled. But I hope that in the future the Robots can do stuff by themselves. They will be better then, so we can't be using them for our selves. This is cool because in the future we canŐt slave robots. The robots will step up if we really need there help though.





This paragraph is the most advanced robot in the world. According to Science Kids, I can't believe I just found like the most advanced robot in the world. It can walk, run, turn corners, recognize hand gestures, carry objects, dance and climb up and down stairs. It can perform the simplest tasks as turning on the light. Its called ASIMO. I canŐt believe the most advanced robot in the world can even turn off and on a light. Just like a human been.


This paragraph is about the history of robots. According to Wikkipedia, the free encyclopedia, this talks about what robots were like in history. The ideas cane from all over the world. They wanted to make robots to be like heroes and be like humans and animals. They wanted the artificial birds of Mozi and Lu Ban, to be better even. ItŐs so cool that Robots are going to be like humans some day.

This paragraph is about the history of robots. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Lots of ancient mythologies include lots of artificial people. Lots of them are mechanical servants built by the Greek god. And the Norse legend, Galatea, the mythic; statue of Pygmalion that came to life. I canŐt believe a robot actually came to life. I would of loved to live back then.


This paragraph is about the smallest robot in the world. According to Bjorn, Carey, it doesn't even drive on wheels. But something thatŐs interesting is that it is controllable. But you have to put it on a flat surface. It can drive wherever you want it to go. It crawls like an Inchworm. It turns by putting a silicon foot out and pivoting like a motorcyclist skidding around a tight turn. I canŐt believe the smallest robot in the world can turn like a motorcycle.

This paragraph is about the smallest robot in the world. According to Bjorn, Carey, the Microrobots are as tiny as about 60 micrometers wide (about the width of a human hair) by 250 micrometers long. I can't belie it is controllable. Its like a inchworm-like robot so small you need a microscope just to see it. To small for me to use. I canŐt believe the smallest robot is as small as 60 micrometers wide. ItŐs just like a small bug.

This paragraph is about the smallest robot in the world. According to Science News, they assembled an experiment into three stages. During stage 1, devices 4 and 5 dock together to form the initial stable shape. In stage 2, device 3 docks with the initial stable shape, while during stage 3, device 1 docks with the stable shape, forming the final assembly. I canŐt believe the robot can dance even though itŐs way small. It can dance just like a human.



This paragraph is about the biggest robot in the world.

According to MizzKat, the biggest Robot ever is at least 2674635 feet tall. In half a step it could destroy New York! Don't try to make one bigger. It was made over 2000 years ago. I can't believe it was made just of wood and stone. That probably is the biggest thing in the whole world. ItŐs probably bigger than 200 rocket ships.



This paragraph is about the safest robot that goes in your house. According to Science kids, The PARO is so soft. It is used in need of the elderly and or sick. The PARO Responds to stroking/cuddling through special touch sensors beneath its fur and on its whiskers. The PARO is molded to be a baby harp or seal. It even responds to real voices. It would be nice to have something that looks like a baby in your house. I would be just like a baby but safer.

This paragraph is about the safest robot that can go in your house. According to Science kids, The PaPeRo answers to 650 phrases and 3000 words. Its wireless and it can control your TV and surf the internet. It is designed to look as cute as a baby human. It Recognizes speech, talks, moves, responds to users, controls household devices.


This paragraph is about what robots do. According to Joan, most people think that Robots are only used for dangerous jobs. But its not true Robots are used for so much more. Like making candy bars, go to other planets; make electronics, and lots of other stuff. Never knew that Robots did so much. Robots can do so much stuff. They are just like humans. We make candy bars


This paragraph is about why we use robots. According to Joan, so if you have had a Robot or want one. They can do more than you think. But no mater what they do they can still do it everyday. No mater what. Unless they get rusty. I mean could you do the same thing everyday. Wait kids already do School. I hope Robots get to go free from humans. Robots are kind of like my dad. He goes to work everyday. But itŐs also like us. We have to go to school everyday.


This paragraph is about the dirty jobs robots get. According to Editors of yes Mag, robots jobs can get really dirty. They sometimes have to perform surgery. That is disgusting. I would hate to be a Robot that has to be destroys like right as you get built. But I would so love to be a Robot who has to take care of babies and tests new games.  Robots are so cool. The dirty jobs robots do are like my nephew who likes to get dirty.


This paragraph is about robots that can play soccer. According to Science Kids, I can't believe robots can actually play soccer. But even if they fall they check themselves for any damage. They have ankles with ball joints. IT can walk on almost any surface when playing soccer. They have foot sensors so they know were the ball are. This robot is just like  a real boy or girl who like to play soccer. Like my friend Sheighly Weineg.





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