Cool Hybrids

By Sir Jim Bob the 1st


Wow cool I just bought a …HYBRID this is the best car ever I Love it more than my zoo well maybe but it is so cool still. I love to drive it everywhere I go, well of course I do .If you want to know about my new HYBRID read my report.



Interesting facts




What are hybrids

This paragraph is about why it’s better than normal cars. According to wiki answers This depends on your definition of better. If you are only referring to better fuel economy then a hybrid can be considered better then a conventional powered automobile in some situations. A hybrid only engages it's electric motors at slow speed, for example to get you moving after a stop sign. When you first start to move it takes the most energy because of the forces in play. When an object is stationary it has a different set of forces acting on it then a object in motion. Once the car is in motion and above the manufacturer set speed then the conventional engine is started and takes over, in turn charging the batteries for the electric motors. The electric motors are not assist motors and are not engaging the transmission once the engine is on .


I think that a hybrid sounds better than a normal car.