Get a Computer, You Dummies!

By Hi


Would you like to sneak a computer into class? Well, now you can with the smallest computer in the world! In my report, you will also learn about what the computer is and how it works, about the history, and also about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.


What it is and how it Works

This paragraph is about what the new MacPro has.  According to Engadget, the new MacPro has a quad-core 2.66 GHz processor.  It has 640 GB of memory.  Even the graphics card has 512 MB of memory. I think thatÕs cool because that is so fast for a computer. It also has TONS of storage space.


This paragraph is about how you charge the TabletÕs battery. According to Sony Electrics, you have to plug the power cord into the AC adapter. Plug the power cord into a nearby AC power wall outlet. Turn the tablet over and plug the AC adapter into the tablet device charge connector. I like this because if I had a Tablet, I wouldnÕt have to do anything. I would already know what to do!





This paragraph is about how small the smallest computer is. According to FOX News, the smallest computer is smaller than the "N" on a penny. I think itÕs really cool because itÕs so small! I wonder how you can even do anything!


Oval Callout: Computer!This paragraph is about who made the Z3 computer. According to the Computer History Museum, Konrad Zuse made the Z3 computer. The Z3 was an early computer built by German engineer Konrad Zuse. I think itÕs cool that a German person invented the Z3 computer!



This paragraph is about when the word ÒcomputerÓ was first used. According to Answers Corporation, the first use of the word "computer" was recorded in 1613. ThatÕs cool because 1613 is a really early time!



Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

This paragraph is about why theyÕre friends. According to the Public Broadcasting Service, theyÕre friends because They both dropped out of college at the same time. ItÕs cool that they dropped out of college and still made a big success!


This paragraph is about if they are friends or enemies.  According to the Public Broadcasting Service, they were both. In life, they were friends. In business, they were enemies. ItÕs cool that theyÕre both friends AND enemies!


This paragraph is about which computers each created. According to the Public Broadcasting Service, Steve Jobs created Apple and Bill Gates created Microsoft. I like both computers a lot!


This paragraph is about Steve Jobs personalities.  According to the Public Broadcasting Service, he's not shy at all. He's also not afraid to embarrass himself. I like his personalities because IÕm nothing like that!


This paragraph is about what Bill thinks of Steve. According to the Public Broadcasting Service, he's jealous of Steve Jobs boldness and he thinks that he got the credit that he deserved. I donÕt know why Bill wanted SteveÕs credit!


This paragraph is about what differences do they have. According to the Public Broadcasting Service, Steve jobs is bold and not afraid to be embarrassed and not that good of a friend. Bill Gates is kind of shy and he's a better friend than Steve. They are sure different!