By Gylfie


Do you like bananas? Well, if you do, you are gonna go bananas over my report (if you like apples better, you can sub the word “apples” in for the word “bananas”.)! My report is going to teach you aboutand what it is.


What is it

This paragraph is about what the galaxy SII is.  According to  Zachary Lutz, The Samsung Galaxy S II is an android phone.  It is 1.5 GHz. It can hold 1 GB. It has a 4.5 inch screen.  It has a fancy camera. I think this is cool because 4.5 inches is pretty big for a screen.



This paragraph is about What the Motorola Atrix 4G is. According to Zachary Lutz, This smartphone's operating system is android 2.3. It's power is 1 GHz. It holds 1 GB. It's screen is 4 inches. It has a really good camera. I think this is cool because