By Cheese eating unicorn


Why cant I delete this app, how many apps do I have?!  I bet I have all the apps. Well Cheese eating unicorn can tell you donÕt. Read this report to find out how many apps there really are and more about the smartphone and its cool apps ,and its history.


What it is

This paragraph is about what it is. According to wikipedia, It is a phone that can do more stuff than ever before. It can tell you if some one is at your door or it can tell you if your in New York. I wish my mom could tell me exactly where I am. This is the iphone 5





This paragraph is about the first smart phones name. According to Wikipedia Ibm smion was the first smart phone. It was bigger than most modern phones. It was not very smart. It had a touch screen and buttons. It had to charge a lot. I donÕt want that Dumb phone.


This paragraph is about when the first smartphone was designed. According to wikipedia it was designed in 1992. Then put out in public. More and more people bought them. IÕm glad that I didnÕt live then IÕm glad I live now with the smarter phones.


This paragraph is about when it was released. According to wikipedia It was released in 1993. Then up dated. It got smaller and more popular over time. Now everybody has one. I wish I had my own smartphone that would be awesome.


This paragraph is absout who sold the first smartphone. According to Wikipedia BELL SOUTH sold the first IMB SIMON. It went out of business years later. If they were in business still I would buy a smartphone from them. I bet they sold a lot  of smartphones.


This paragraph is about the first touch screen smartphone. According to wikipedia it had an optional touch screen or buttons. People mostly used the touch screen. The buttons were small and hard to press. ThatÕs so cool I wish I could see the IMB Simon.


Cool facts


This paragraph is about what a smartphone can do. According to wikipedia it can do allot of things like take pics. It can also play games, look at your calendar. The modern phones can check the Internet. ThatÕs cool because a laptop is heavy and can do the same things as an iphone.


This paragraph is about whatÕs so great about the iphone. According to wikipedia it is cheap and small and light. It can do a lot of awesome things. We can text or even check face book. I bet the first smartphone cant does that. Smartphones have improved a ton over time.


This paragraph is about how many apps there are for a smartphone. According to David Pogu There are 475,000 apps that run on ipad, and ipad 2, and ipod touch. The can be deleted or added over and over. Some apps are good and some are bad. ThatÕs way to many apps.




My report is awesome I hope you liked it. I hope you learned a lot of facts. Thanks for reading it.