By the Purple Unicorn


This report is about robots and how they work this is a really cool report because it has like the first person killed by a robots which is Kenji Urada you are going to have to read the last paragraph if you want to find out how. It is really EPIC how he died so hope you have fun!!

Cool facts



This paragraph is about if robots can feel according to, I guess robots can't feel but wouldn't that be cool if they could I think it would be cool I mean they could like FEEL!! But they can pick up stuff!! if they could feel they would be almost exactly like a human cool right I think this is cool because if robots could feel do you know how advanced our world would be WOW!!



This paragraph is about how they work. according to Tom Harris, robots work with sensors, supplies with power and a brain and chips and some even work automatically they are man made machines I think robots are really cool!  Some even act exactly like humans I think this is cool because they run with chips and stuff just like a computer!!



This paragraph is about what robots are. According to, A robot can complete lots of things by voice or something like that. And they can be different forms :) I think this is cool because they can be different forms it kind of reminds me of my cat! UmÉ Nevermind:(





This paragraph is about when the first one was made. according to Science Kids, I think that is a long time 5 centuries before Christ WOW! Do you have any idea how long that is wow 5 centuries Before Christ! I think that is so cool because who knew that a robot would have something to so with Christ it's awesome~



This paragraph is about why they were invented. according to Wikipedea, they were invented because they do jobs that are way to dangerous for policemen can't do many robots have been blown up and if we didn't have robots many policemen would've blown up robots are very good this is cool because my uncle is a cop and it's cool that robots save his life.




This paragraph is about how they have improved over time. according to wiki answers, robots used to need a lot of gadgets and wired and they were clunkers and not very good but robots now days are really high tech and are wireless and they can go up and down stairs, some can even shake your hand and talk with you. I think this is cool because robots are so advanced these days.



This paragraph is about what problem they solved. according to Wiki Answers, the problem that they solved was policemen dying and they kept getting blown up and hurt so they invented robots to do the dangerous stuff. That is cool because it saves peoples lives. That's really amazing!!


This paragraph is about who invented them. according to Scott Turner, Karl Cayback I guess invented the first robots I don't know if it's a lie but that's what I found I think It's pretty interesting. :) this is cool because he must have been a very amazing man.

This paragraph is about the first man killed by a robot.  According to Wikipidea, Kenji Urada was the first man killed by a robot. He had one and it went out of control and it pushed him into a grinding machine what a terrible death and the poor guy it wasnŐt his fault that he died that is really sad. I think this is cool because how often does a person die like that GOSH!!



I hope you liked my report I told you I would tell you about the first man killed by a robot. And I hope you liked the rest of the report too. I hope you liked all my flavor too. GOODBYE!!!!