The Satellite   

By: Beau


Do you like rockets?? Do you like space?? Do you want to learn about the Satellite?? Good. If you are good I will teach you what the satellite is. If you are awesome I can teach you the history of the Satellite. If you are brilliant. I can teach you how the satellite relates to the moon!!


What the Satellite is

This paragraph is about What the Satellite is made out of. The Satellite is made out of all kinds of electronic devices and objects. Also metal and steel.



The History of the Satellite

This paragraph is about how accurate a satellite camera can be. The satellite camera can take pictures from infinity miles away. But it can see things that are as small as a large pole.

This paragraph is about When the Satellite was made. The world’s first Satellite was the Sputnik 1 it was launched by the Soviet union in 1957. So it was made in about 1949.


This paragraph is about how long the satellite has been around. The worlds first Satellite was launched in 1957.


How the Satellite works

This paragraph is about Is there a human in the Satellite. The Satellite is a human spacecraft so there is not a human in the Satellite.


This paragraph is about Are there chords in the Satellite.  There are lots of chords in the Satellite. Mostly because it has to connect with the whole earth.


Cool things about the Satellite

This paragraph is about What color the Satellite is. The Satellite is gray and blue and a little bit of silver.



This paragraph is about what the Satellites job is. GeoEye’s imagery sources get vast amounts of really high resolution satellite imagery form around the world each day. It uses the Satellite to do that!!!!!!



This paragraph is about does the satellite somehow connect with the moon. The Satellite gets its name from the moon because the satellite rotates around the Earth and so does the moon.





       I hope you liked my report on Satellites again I worked really hard on it.


Bye Bye!!!!!