IÕm going to teach you about Smart phone! You can fit a smart phone in your pocket and a frog but you cant fit an eliphant in you pocket well thatÕs ok but you can fit an  eliphant in your pocket if you have a smart phone well a picture of it on you smart phone well thatÕs ok!!!!


What It Is

This paragraph is about what is so great abut the Iphone! iphones are vary cool they have a tuch  screen and they have a hole lot of games and they can sometimes have threedee itÕs ASOWM !!!!!!!!


This paragraph is about the android. The android is vary cool itÕs like a smart phone but my appion is that  the android is better than the smart phone! It even has an app thatÕs a liter!



This paragraph is about what will smartphones do in the future. The smart phone in the future nobody now but I do it will have a doble screen it will be cool and it will be flexible so you can be playing a game full screen it would be ASOWM!!!!!!!!!

  Flexible displays