By Charles Mcgwire


Can a taser kill you? Well  if you want to find out you need to READ MY REPORT!!!!! This Report will tell you about all sorts of taser information. Like if tasers can garonty a worinty, or if they can shoot far or not. THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN GET.

How tasers work.

This paragraph is about How far tasers shoot.  According to Best Ezines. Tasers can shoot at least 12 feet. I think thatŐs so cool because it goes and gets the bad guys!






This paragraph is about How Tasers shoot. According to Best Ezines. The Taser shoots the probes with magnetic forc. I think thatŐs awesome because I like magnetics!




What it is?

This paragraph is about what do tazers contain.   According to David Weibell, They have 2 charged eclectrodes. They are attached to a circuit inside the gun. Wow thatŐs sweat!



This paragraph is about can a tazer kill you. According to David.Human hearts can withstand 300 joules of energy. They have been used over 1 million times but haven't killed a person. Not a single person! I think that is really cool that it does that! They are not lethal. They reduce the injuries. Tasers have the stopping power of a 9mm handgun, but with no injury.



This paragraph is about



This the best report are main idea is on how cool tasers are.