By Mr. apple


Have you ever wondered what is inside your new I phone 4s?have you ever wondered what is inside your android? I’ll tell you all you have to do is read my report!


How it works

This paragraph is about the hardware of the I phone 4S.  according to apple .com, the I phone 4s uses an apple a5 core , a gyroscope  an accelerometer  , and all the other stuff. This is cool

‘Cause the I pad uses the a5!  Cool Website!

http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/ - performance

This paragraph is about the hardware in the android. The hardware in the android varies because android is made by google, the hardware is made by a lot like htc,  Samsung, etc.


This paragraph is about t

he pros and cons of the I phone.


                       I phone


Pros                                                            cons

Siri                                                                       expensive!

Display                                                                 expensive!

A5                                                                        expensive!



Software for Mac

This paragraph is about the software for the Mac. The Mac currently uses os x lion. Past modes are snow leopard, leopard , etc.


This paragraph is about vista. Windows vista is one of the oldest windows. Microsoft does not sell vista any more so it is pretty rare. If you have vista , well , lucky you!