DonÕt get TASED but get a TASER



Get attention.  IÕm going to teach you aaaaahhhhh about TASERS but thatÕs only if you like action if you donÕt than go read aaaaahhhhh sorry my boss is TASing me but any way go read someone else report if you like TASERS you came to the rite place the TASER was used as a totter weapon in some places and it effects the hole body ok now thatÕs all you get to no now go read my report

What It Is

This paragraph is about is a TASER a fire arm.

The companies that make stun guns specify that the weapons should be used conservatively, only for self-defense or incapacitating an unruly person. Unfortunately, stun guns are commonly used as torture devices in many parts of the world.
Amnesty International reports that a number of governments routinely use stun weapons to extract confessions from political prisoners. These officials know that electrical torture leaves less evidence than many other methods. The shock from a stun weapon is extremely painful, but it doesn't leave an obvious wound. So, while stun guns might be relatively safe weapons when used correctly, they can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands. I think this is cool because when it says this TASER. Was used as a torture weapon I was exited about TASERS








This paragraph is about is a TASER like a shooting gun.

Not exactly there are no loud bang or kick recoil you will hear a loud pop like a balloon popping so if you ever shoot you hate the sound of a gun and it hurts your ears and you have ear muffs  you should get a TASER and protect your self and your home and tell other people to get a TASER like old people. No its not the same it has no kick or punch if you shoot it will just sound like a big pop like a balloon I think this is cool because it wont hurt you ears 







This paragraph is about how can a TASER help you. A TASER can help you by like if  you have no gun in your house you can get a TASER but make sure you have a lot of money because it costs a lot and its not cunsitured a firearm if a robber comes in you house and tries to robb every thing justget your TASER and shoot him and you wont go to jail for killing someone because it wont kill them it will just hurt them bad and then when you shot him call the cops and he will go to jail I think this is cool how cant kill them even though its very strong



















This paragraph is about is about who made the TASER.

 Jack cover made the TASER I think his a smart man because he made it with 50,000 volts if 50,000 volts cant kill you than I wonder what can  I bet jack cover tested it on him self and he proble has 9,0000 dollors







How It Works

This paragraph is about can a TASER paralyze you.         A Taser hyper excites the nervous system to cause a rigid immobilization of its target. The TASER is a very powerful gun when you get shot you lose control of your body and it causes you to fall and shack 

yes but only for people with a surtan desise it can parilez you but if you have no dezes it will just make you lose not use all  muscle if you have a dieses it is most likely to kill you if you have it





This paragraph is about how many volts does a TASER have.

I looked on a website and it said it has 50,000 volts thatÕs a lot of volts I would not want to get stuned by on of thoses it has 50,000 VOLTS thatÕs a lot of volts I thik thatÕs cool because I thaught 50,000 volts can kill you if you get tased if that much volts cant kill you than I wonder what can im not sure if it is going to kill you or just shock if you r a little kid