By: Megatron


BZZZZ! HA! HA! HA! IÕm stronger now that I have night vision eyes. With these eyes I can use laser eyes and destroy Bumblebee. I also can see in the dark! HA! HA! HA! IÕm Megatron! HA! HA! HA! O.K. That freak Megatron is Coo Coo. He

knows nothing about night vision. I will tell you and show you everything about night vision. See you later.



This paragraph is about what is it for.  According to Wikipidia night vision are to see in the dark. In a little video I watch the swat was chasing a man and they use night vision and they man they were chasing dropped a gun. This is so cool cause

You can search stuff in the dark forest.


This paragraph is about if it can be purple. According to Wikipidia Night Vision canÕt be purple. It has to be green and orange. I think thatÕs cool because purple would be hard to see cause the cooler is so dark.





This paragraph is about who made it. According to Wikipidia the U.S. Army for use in W.W. II and the Korean War created the original night-vision unit. I already knew that but it showed how to make night vision. It really doesn't show "who" made it but this will work.


This paragraph is about how it improved. According to Wikipidia they made it in binoculars. They made it in goggles too. That would be cool if they made goggles you wear when youÕre

swimming in night vision.




This paragraph is about if there is night vision security cameras. According to Wikipidia they might make it in security cameras. They donÕt know yet. ThatÕs cool but my aunt has security cameras on her house. There not in night vision though.




This paragraph is about why itÕs green and orange. According to Wikipidia its green and orange cause it has to hard kinds of material that looks like crystal. ItÕs kind of cool and kind of weird at the same time. The reason why is cause itÕs material.


This paragraph is about if it can go in a phone.  According to Wikipidia it shows you how to put it in an Android phone. My brother would want that in his phone. I bet itÕs hard to put it in.


This paragraph is about if it can go on a car. According to Wikipidia you canÕt put it in. You need machinery windows. That would be cool if you could and they the army could put it on the tanks.


This paragraph is about how far you can see. According to Wikipidia you can see about 20 inches on a weird kind of night vision binocular. ThatÕs far to me and itÕs really cool.



I didnÕt tell you everything but I did tell you cool stuff like How far you can see and Can it go on a car. Now I have to get Bumblebee to chase Megatron out of here, so Bye! (Sounds in the distance) BANG!