Why Is 3D So Cool Report

By The 3D Girl


 Do you like the 3DS, For instance it has 3D graphics, that is really cool!  If so keep reading my report I will tell you much more about 3D things. In my report you will learn about the history of 3D. Then, I will teach you about how the 3D works. Then finally, I will teach you some cool things about 3D.







This paragraph is about why is 3D no better than 2D?

According to Ben Child, Hollywood's 3D has gotten way better and easier. 3D offers NO IMPROVEMENT!!!!! OH! And they think there not getting payed enough! I think that is

really weird! I think this is cool because I never even knew Hollywood had any 3D graphics at all! ThereÕs sound good, But I think mine is always and was better than thereÕs! ( also they think they are not getting paid enough   ( WEIRD!!!!)


This Paragraph Is About Why do you have to wear glasses while watching 3D? According To Franklin Curt, Your computer has to trick your eyes to see the

 3D graphics. I think that is very cool. You are most likely reading this on a screen of a computer monitor. The designers make it happen so FAST they seem like a movie that reacts to you every move! I think it would

 Be cool if something like 3D reacts to me every move! That would be like a 3D copy of yourself! (Cool!) I like that the designers make it happen so fast itÕs like you donÕt even know what just barely hit you!


How It Works

 This Paragraph Is About How Do They Film 3D? According to Wikipedia, A regular motion picture camera is usually uses to record the amazing images. 3-D films are not limited to feature film therical releases. A 3D film is usually a motion picture that is super COOL!!! I love this paragraph because I never knew a picture camera is used to record amazing videos and sounds. I think that is AWSOME!!!!!


This Paragraph Is About How 3D Works?  According to Scroggins, Jesse, You just

need to know the basics of how it works and you can understand it easier. And perfer to get your information in picture form. Then it is your Lucy day. I think this one is amazing because I know the basics of 3D graphics, And I am actually getting better at looking up 3D! I think this paragraph totally helped me and I know it tells the truth!


How Do 3D Glasses Work? According to Barlett Tennessee, The 3D glasses only work if you wear the glasses. I really like that. You have to watch 3D with the glasses or it will be fuzzy or it will not show up correctly. I think this one is wonderful because I never knew you are supposed to wear 3D glasses while you watch the 3D movies!

I think that is absolutely wonderful because if you donÕt wear the glasses you will go blurry or it will not show up correctly or badly!  

Cool Things

This paragraph is about How does your computer trick your eyes to see 3D? According to Curt Franklin, How can your computer trick your eyes into seeing 3D graphics? The tricks happen so FAST, that it's like it reacts to you every move! It is cool how you can see real characters walk around fake landscape, But it looks totally AWSOME!

I think this is cool because I would love to see pretend 3D characters walk around some REAL landscape! I just think I would pass out if I saw that in my real life! If I did not pass out I donÕt know why I would not of!


This Paragraph Is About How Much Will A 3D TV Cost You? According To Regan Gillian, One TV was sold for $3,000 to 12,000. I think that is pretty expensive

for a 3D TV! I wish they were cheaper so I could get one for my room and play 3D video games all day LONG!!!!!!!!! I think this is cool because If I could get a 3D TV in my room that would be cool for any of my cousins, friends, or anybody else I know or like! It will be totally awesome and amazing if something like that would happen to me!



This Paragraph Is About Why Is 3D So Cool? According to MostInterestingFacts, Just imagine, If you think a lot about beaches it feels just like youÕre on the beach! If you watch something like Avatar, It totally feels like youÕre on a different planet! I think 3D is awesome! I think this is totally awesome because I would like to be on different planet and still be like I can see 3D graphics!