Say Hello To My Little Friend 3D!!!!!!!!!

By: The Dancer


Oh my gosh! 3D is so awesome. 3d is so cool to watch and see. Now today I am going to teach you about 3d. 3d is so cool I mean when you look at 3d it amazes you. I wish that I new more about it and I could watch them make 3d. I bet that once you leave the computer after you have read mine you will be feeling like you have been in the Sony or LG or for instance Samsung or Panasonic talking about or Panasonic about 3D for years. Well they are the owners of 3D. There are probably more that I just donŐt know about. 3D is sold everywhere. It is sold in stores from Korea to the U.S. And about the Million-year thing, a, hopefully that never happens. I bet you will like this presentation a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But most of all it is about you learning about 3D!!!!



What It Is

This paragraph is about The Newest Television Technology. According to Most interesting, 3D impressions have often seemed like it is kind of dark. But Motorola has fixed that because they have come up with a new technology that makes the brightness high. It is cool because now we can see better if we are using 3D Technology. So we can see really well because of Motorola fixing that problem.






This paragraph is about how popular 3D is. According to, I think that different people have different opinions about if they like 3D or not. Some people don't like 3d but others do so it kind of falls right in between. But I really like 3D a lot. It is really cool how it pops out at you. It is amazing.


 This paragraph is about how cool 3D is. According to Most interesting facts, So if you like watching sports you will like 3d because it is like being in the stadium with them except it is closer to you because it is on you're TV witch would probably be closer to you than if you in the stadium. That is just beyond amazing but I donŐt think that when you are at a stadium that it is really 3D, but if you sit right in front of where they are playing, it is kind of 3D.




This paragraph is who invented 3D. According to Redefined Geeks, Edwin Herbert invented the Polarizing sheets, which are used in 3d glasses. He invented them is 1929. The German manufacturer of optical systems, "Carl Zeiss" started the commercial producing of 3d glasses in 1936. The 3d movies didn't enter the field of mainstream mobies until 2003.  I have always wondered what the 3D glasses were made of.


This paragraph is about when 3D was invented. According to Wiki Answers. 3D film was invented along time ago, and how long ago would it be, well in the 1890's. Wow that was along time ago. My Great grandma was born in 1901, So she was born only a little bit later than when 3d was invented


This paragraph is about whom 3D is owned by. According to Most interesting, 3D technology is already owned by a couple of the worlds leading electronic manufacturers such as Lg, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. The 3D already sales at stores in the U.S., Japan and Korea at a price between U.S. $1000 to U.S, $2800. Which will be sold in 2010. Those companies must be pretty big if they are own 3D. Wow! I wish that I was part of one of those companies. I would be rich and famous.





How It Works

This paragraph is about how 3D works. According to, to do 3D one eye has to look at one angle and the other one looks at a different angle. For the last 169 years they have been trying to figure out how to do it. Well hopefully soon they will figure that out. But they did start trying quite a few years ago and havenŐt accomplishes it.


This paragraph is about how 3D ruins your eyes.  According to MIT technology review, they say So you may think that 3d is really awesome for movies, sports, phones, and in video games. Fortunately though there are scientists collecting data to see if 3d hurts your eyes. Well if you think it doesnŐt well you are wrong because they do ruin your eyes. Well the sad thing is that it ruins your eyes, so be careful when you use 3D!!!!!!!! And I mean it, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How To Buy 3D

This paragraph is about how much 3D is. According to The big screen score, you do not, THANKFULLY! I am really happy that you donŐt. That is really good because if I did and you did than that would be very annoying. I still hate it even when I am watching a movie in the movie theater!!!!!


 This paragraph is about If you have to wear glasses. According to 3D TV buying Guide, If you have a really big family or some of you're friends are coming over and you want 3d glasses, you are going to need quite a bit of money because they can be between $100 to $250, and that is only for one pair. So you better get your budget up.  Whoa that is a lot of money.







So now do you feel like you have been in a room talking only about 3D for a million years? Well you should because this report should of teach you about 3D I hope you liked it. Now read my bibliography, then you will be really smart. Now Bye Bye.


































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