The Awesome Life of Tasers

By the bomb.comJJ


       Tasers are the bomb digity domb. Let me tell u y. the only thing that I donŐt like is that us kids cant have them. But if u read my report u will want to become a cop and have a big fat taser. Have u ever seen a taser well if u havenŐt then read my report. It will have pictures and and fun paragraphs it will have every thing u ever wanted to know about tasers.

Taser information

This paragraph is about are tasers a lethal weapon.  According to Bruce, Weber is a tazer a lethal" NO! In fact it actually feduces, injuries, subjects and victims by significant percentage. Also studies have shown a Taser has the stopping power of a 9mm handgun, but with no injury. I think this is cool because not many people can have tasers only cops.



This paragraph is about what is a taser. According to Sandra Upson a Taser is an electroshock weapon that uses

 electrical current to disrupt

voluntary control of muscles, its manufacturer, Taser International. This is cool because the tasers can disturbe the muscles and make the

 man or woman fall to the ground.


This paragraph is about where was the taser made. According to Bruce, Weber Jack Cover, the physicist who invented the Taser stun gun, the police weapon that subdues its targets with jolts of electricity, died Feb. 7 in Mission Viejo, Calif. He was 88 and lived in San Clement, Calif. I think this is cool because jack cover has the same name of my cousin. 





Cool things


This paragraph is about if taser are in japan.   According to yahoo answers tasers are not aloud in Japan. Actually as far as I know type of guns are aloud in Japan. Man if my dad new that he would be so mad. I think my friend would like to no that she lives in Japan. She will have to wait tell they come to visit in the summer time.



I hope u liked my awesome report on the what history and cool thing on the taser.