By: Kibi


I hope you like my report about 3D. I hope you enjoy learning about when was it invented ,what was the first one called ,how was it invented  ,what does it do ,how it works , why is it cool ,what it does ,what it does to entertain you and finally what it helps you see.



This paragraph is about when was it invented.  According to www.thegeminigeek.com The first 3D glasses were invented in the 1890Õs. I think that is cool because they were invented so long ago and they seem so knew still after all that time youÕd think that they wouldnÕt be that popular anymore!



This paragraph is about who invented it. According to www.thegeminigeek.com 3D was invented by William Frieze Greene. I think that is cool because I have never heard of him but he must be famous for inventing something so cool


Interesting facts

This paragraph is what it does. 3D is a type of glasses that you put on and you can see dimensionally and it is really cool. I think it is cool because it makes movies funnier.


This paragraph is about how it works. Well you just put them on and you can see dimensionally. I think that it is cool because it is more entertaining.


This paragraph is why it is cool. ItÕs cool because it seems like a lot of work but I think that it was worth it. I think that it is cool because somebody thought of other people and put time and effort to making 3D.