Be smart and get a smartphone

By Kerby1123


Do you like your phone being fast. Have you ever waited and waited to finish the game on your phone. Have you ever tried to watch your video but itŐs just to slow. If you read my Report you will see how your phone will be fast. YouŐll also be able to see the stars on the other side of the earth. So read my report and learn how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What it is

This paragraph is about what the fastest 4G smartphone. According to PC World, This website is suggesting that any 4G smart phone could be the fastest. But they also are saying that they have made a remarkable improvement since the beginning of 2010. Also since the beginning of last year the speeds of the 4G networks on phones have skyrocketed since then. According to wireless data speeds have soared. This is cool because I like phones to be fast.


This paragraph is about whatŐs so great about the Android. According to Consumer Reports. The Android is awesome because it's very sensitive.  You just barely touch the screen and it flicks.  Also it has a very good display of the screen.  It looks so real. I think this is cool because I personally like HD so for when it looks real it makes me happy.


This paragraph is about what is sirl.

According to Consumer Reports. One of the reasons the iPhone is so awesome is because of its voice-command app called Siri.  When you say, "Siri," the iPhone will say, "What do you want?"  Then you can just talk to it like a regular human, like, "Where is the nearest McDonald's?"  Siri will search the Internet and give you a map to the nearest McDonald's. This is cool so I donŐt half to type


This paragraph is about what the Iphone can do.  According to Consumer Reports. The iPhone has an incredible screen.  You can zoom in quickly.  It is really High Def. It has a front-facing camera. It has a gyroscope which means it knows what direction it is. This is cool because the front facing camera allows me to take pictures and not look dumb.


Cool Apps

This paragraph about how can it help you see the stars. According to PC World. There's an app called "Pocket Universe."  When you point it at the sky, it will show you where the planets and stars are!  It will give you names of constellations, like the Big Dipper.  It will also tell you when meteor showers (shooting stars) are coming, and other reports. This is cool because I can look at the stars during the day.

This paragraph is about how can it help you play gutair. According to PC World. There is an app for your smartphone called "Guitar Toolkit" that can actually help you play the guitar!  It has a tuner, so you can tune-up your guitar.  It has a metronome (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and) so you can keep the beat to the music.  And, if you forget where to put your fingers on the guitar strings, there is even a dictionary with music chords in it. This is cool because now I donŐt have to pay for lessons


This paragraph is about how can it help you save money at the store. According to PC. There's an app called Red Laser that will make it so your smartphone can scan barcodes.  If you're going to buy something, you can quickly scan it with your smartphone and (maybe) find it for a better price somewhere else. This is cool because I can get lower prices on stuff.




This paragraph is about What was the first smartphone called. According to The very first smartphone was called the IBM Simon.  This History channel said that the smartphone was invented in 1992.  The first people who saw it were at Las Vegas, Nevada. I think this cool because I didnŐt know the IBM Simon was the first Smartphone.


This paragraph is about the first flexible smartphone. According to Engadget. Android's flexibility lets you fully personalize the look and behavior of your device. Configure your home screen with the widgets you use most. Or set up screens specific to what's most important to you - social network sites, texting, contacts, your calendar, email, RSS and more. This is cool because I can make the phone my style.



Now we have learned about the fastest the most flexible and the oldest smartphones. Now I Half to go. Thanks for listening.